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Gentle Reminder: Space Week on “The Nerdist” Saturday Night

You’re patiently waiting in front of your TV set for Saturday night, right? No? Well, DO IT NOW. It’s Space Week on BBC America’s The Nerdist, and that means 1) Buzz Aldrin! 2) Bobak Ferdowsi, JPL’s Mars Rover Curiosity Mohawk Guy! 3) Maria Bamford! 4) Matt and Jonah’s L.A. Space Tour, with Bill Nye, the Science Guy on hand! HOW CAN YOU NOT WATCH IT? (Well, okay, if you’re not in the U.S…. I mean, you COULD fly here and… or, um….)

Once again, watch it Saturday at 10/9c on BBC America, right after new episodes of Doctor Who and Orphan Black. (Or on Sunday, 7/6c/4p on Space in Canada.) I mean, come on, space, Buzz, Bobak, Bammer, Bill Nye. Gotta watch.

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  1. Craig P. Curtis says:

    Dear Chris;
    listen to your elders; Me, a young B.Boomer Gen. IE born early May 1960
    so I was around age 3 when Dr Who began, and I can remember things I did at age 2 a gift of ADHD memory ability from my family.
    Re: Whales in space
    Part of your last nights monolog I didn’t think was funny or accurate
    Think of the possibilities posed by James Cameron in the Abyss and by him in real life Ocean exploration. Aliens could be hiding in our oceans they are so Vastly unexplored.
    The Star Trek The Voyage home was to my knowlege the first potrayal of whales in space and time traveling forward to the future too. Not unbelievibly free floating without atmosphere in space as in Dr Who, But IE George and Gracie Humpbacks rescued by the Enterprize Crew on a Bird of Prey to stop a likley Extraterestial origin Giant Log shaped Cetacean probe from destroying earth, looking for their friends or study subjects.
    Otherwise keep up the good work finding out Moon dirt stinks like burned charcoal from Buzz Aldrin was worth listening to your Neardy whale mistake.

  2. Jax says:

    Dear Chris Hardwick, The Nerdist is a pretty awesome show. You’ve had awesome guests. Buzz Aldrin!! The last 3 weeks your ‘comedians’ have caused me to change the channel. I certainly have not laughed. The “comic con security guards”, I’ve been to cons, I dated a SCAdian, I’ve hung out with LARPers. I did not laugh. Book Buzz for an extra 15 minutes, show clips from Sci fi shows & comment on them, find funnier comedians…but please! Help us out here Chris!! You think your audience intelligent enough to enjoy Buzz, Bobak and Billy Nye – but insult our funny bone. 🙁