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5 Holiday Cards Your Non-Geeky Family Definitely Won’t Understand

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, a time to send warm holiday wishes to friends and family via something called the post office. For just a few cents, you drop a card into a letter box and miraculously it appears at its destination to bring joy to the recipient. Magical!

This fun, festive tradition is made all the better with hilarious pop culture cards that are holiday classics. What could be better than sending Grandma a joyful image of John McClane fighting off Hans Gruber at Nakatomi Plaza? While some acquaintances won’t understand these references, these are the holiday cards that make this time of year special. Check out these five geeky holiday cards that your family definitely won’t understand. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

Die Hard Christmas Card by Karen Flannery

There may be a debate over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie (it is) but there’s no debate over the fact that a holiday card with Bruce Willis’ face is a delight. Yippee-Ki-Yay, it’s Christmas!

Gremlins Holiday Cards by Mirana Dressler

To me, nothing says Christmas like Gremlins. It is the quintessential holiday movie because everyone looks forward to getting gifts, especially when they’re cute, little, furry creatures. As long as you follow the rules, everything should go smoothly with your new pet…in theory.

Darth Vader Holiday Card by Holly Go Lightning

When you think festive holidays you think Darth Vader. If Vader is coming to town, you better be on your best behavior, or else everyone is getting Force chokes for Christmas.

Negan Christmas Card by Freckle and Specs

The Walking Dead may not be what comes to mind when you think of the holidays, but just look at how jolly Negan looks while carrying a decorated Lucille. Why you’d almost think he has a softer side. If you send this card to your grandma and she doesn’t watch The Walking Dead, she may just think a red scarf wearing baseball player really likes the holidays.

Home Alone Christmas Card by My Little Shop of Wonder

Featuring the classic line from Home Alone—referencing the film, Angels with Filthy Souls—the simplicity of this card is what’s so inviting. The festive red, the sleek, modern design, it all makes for the ideal holiday card, even if the recipients will wonder why you’d call them filthy animals…

Images: Karen Flannery, Miranda Dressler, Holly Go Lightning, Freckle and Specs, My Little Shop of Wonder

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