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Geeky Good Eats: Make a Dalek Cake with “Dork Fork”

On the Nerdist Channel, we’ve brought you shows about movies, bowling, elf-costume wearing and even magic. But we know you’re hungry for more, so we’re here to whet your appetite for our new cooking show Dork Fork. Hosted by comedians Andie Bolt and Harrison Brown, this superfan smorgasbord which debuts Saturday will make your food more fanboy- or fangirl-tastic than you can possibly imagine. Here’s Andie to tell us more:

Nerdist: What is Dork Fork?

Andie Bolt: A themed comedy cooking show where every episode revolves around a different TV show or movie. Dork Fork is the first show to merge fandom with food, and I host with one of my best friends, comedian Harrison Brown: we’re just a couple of nerds who love dressing up in costumes and food!

Each episode has an appetizer, cocktail, main dish and a dessert; all real recipes that can be found on our blog after each episode that you can make at home with you and your friends for your own themed viewing parties. For the main dish we always “dish” with a special Dork Fork guest who is either involved with the show we are using as a theme or is a huge fan; for instance, our Doctor Who episode features Alton Brown, ’cause he’s a giant Whovian (check out Brown gettin’ down on a recent Nerdist podcast).

N: What past shows or events would you have liked to have planned food for?

AB: Aw, man, so many! Recently, I would have loved to have done the season premiere of Breaking Bad – could have made some blue rock candy inside of a Winnebago’s kitchen! I actually made rock candy for the first time when I was a kid after I saw Beakman do it on Beakman’s World… Miss that guy.  Anything TMNT, I’m game for. Oh! Game of Thrones!  So much mead and meat!  Although I’d probably have to get topless for that episode, ’cause I’m a female, so maybe not… But hey, it’s the internet, right? Fair game!

N: What’s the most interesting food factoid you picked up from Alton Brown when he was on?

AB: Well “bowls” can be called “vessels,” I’m gonna start using that for sure.  Alton cooked using an electric skillet, which I had never used, and I was like, “Isn’t this what the stove is for?”  But by using the electric skillet you can get oil up to an exact temperature, for instance 375 degrees, and really be in control of every element of the cooking process. I grew up cooking with Granny, who would just roll with the punches, more of a laid back approach, but then when something tastes off, how do you know for sure why?  With Alton, if something were to taste off, I’m sure he’d know exactly why and how to fix it just by using his palate, which is pretty amazing.

N: What has been your favorite themed food to create or party to prepare?

AB: My friends and I would get together once a month to have a viewing party with themed dishes. One of my favorites was a Goodfellas party; we made Spaghetti and meatballs, but even prepared it the way a Goodfella would by slicing the garlic very thin using a razor blade… in prison! No, it was just in my tiny apartment at the time. But fun! One of my friends hosted a TMNT party; we crawled through “sewers” made of cardboard. (I find cardboard is really a necessary part of these themed parties, until you’re at Alton Brown status and own your very own TARDIS.) There was home made pizza and I dressed as April O’Neil. It was awesome.

N: Who’s your dream guest to cook with?

AB: Well, my favorite part about the show is that it’s just like when your friends come over and hang out in the kitchen and gab while you make dinner, so they don’t have to be excellent cooks, but that doesn’t hurt.  I would love to make some BSG dishes with some EJO, or anyone from Downton Abbey; it would actually be fun to do a Downton episode but with Paula Deen taking all their fancy food and adding little heart attacks. Or a Red Sonja episode with Brigitte Nielsen,  we could make meat (crazy) balls!

Here is a recipe I’ve made with my mother before that didn’t make it into our recent Doctor Who episode.   (If you make it, take photos and link them in comments below!)

Dalek Cake

It’s so good, even a Dalek who can only feel hate will love this cake!


2 Swiss rolls

1 stick of butter

4 cups powdered sugar

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

Candy of choice

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks

Chop a slice off the end of each Swiss roll.  Take one roll and slice it on a diagonal, lean one of the pieces up against the other whole Swiss roll and you’re looking at the Dalek’s body.  Cut off any excess.  To create the head take one of the ends you hacked off in the beginning and unroll it just a bit.

You’ll need to create some butter icing that will cover your Dalek; take one stick of butter and slowly beat in powdered sugar until you get that nice creamy consistency with zero lumps. Take your cocoa powder and mix it with a little hot water, then combine with your icing.

Use your icing to attach your two pieces of Swiss rolls, then cover the rest of your cake with the icing.  Decorate the head with licorice pieces to give it a Dalek look, or use candy that you like to eat.  Use licorice laces to wrap around the base of the head.  For the texture of the ball-looking things on the Dalek, I sliced some malt balls in half; keep it healthy with blueberries if ya want! Use your chocolate pretzel sticks for the Dalek’s weapons; use a berry at the end of a stick to make a plunger.

Boom! Now you can exterminate your friends’ sweet tooths! Yep, I went there. As always, remember to eat.

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  1. tanby says:

    I know the creator of Dork Fork and she had the idea a year ago – not a lot of money – had to sell it. Sorry but Geeky Spoon ripped off Dork Fork – more money faster go time.

  2. Sean says:

    While Geeky Spoon may have gotten the jump on Dork Fork by a few days, Rosanna Pasino has been doing “Nerdy Nummies” as a regular segment on her YouTube channel for about a year now: I’m sure others can make even earlier claims- even Alton’s Good Eats could be seen sa a riff along the same themes.

    But outside the argument of who came first, I’m afraid I found this show unwatchable. If the point was to make an Andy Kaufman-esque performance piece centered around a pair of unlikeable hosts, then it succeeded brilliantly. I just wish someone had let Alton in on the joke, as he was the only one remotely charismatic or even comfortable in front of the cameras.

    If, on the other hand, this was just a pilot episode and the hosts were simply nervous and awkward their first time out, then whoever posted the thing did the two a great disservice. The Powers That Be at Nerdist should have shelved this video and given Bolt and H. Brown another chance to work out the kinks.

  3. Kandy says:

    I made a Horta meatloaf for a Star Trek party. I left some of the cracker pieces larger to give it more texture. It was cooked on a broiler pan so that the fat would drip off and it could be shaped like a Horta.
    After it was cooked, I mixed half and half orange food coloring and water. I dabbled that mix on the meatloaf for color
    It was a hit

  4. Kuttur says:

    If you could’ve created Dork Fork, you would’ve created Dork Fork…

    Seriously, though; we all love Dr. Who, we all love cake, the odds of two shows combining both loves are really pretty high. (Google “Dalek Cake” to see an interview with Mary Tamm where she’s presented with a pretty nifty Dalek Cake, and that was back in the early 80’s!)

    Might be that posting “Hey! We did a very similar show the other day, come check it out!” could get you a better response than shouting “Rip-off”. Just a thought.

  5. Mama Mary says:

    We made Dalek cupcakes to go with a (commissioned) Tardis cake for the son-in-law’s birthday:

  6. Wolf says: … watch this and care to reiterate your statement and testament of saying how this is this first show to merge fandom with food. the idea has already been brought up and put into reality.

  7. The Church of the Spork God frowns upon your unoriginal shenanigans of ripping off the Geeky Spoon

  8. The Geeky Spoon says:

    Actually we are quite upset about this. This is NOT the first show of its kind. Amy and Kramer have been advertising their show for the last month trying to build an audience and launched their first episode last week with a Firefly theme and announced their second episode as Doctor Who. All of a sudden the show Dork Fork shows up with the same theme. And even the name is eerie similar to The Geeky Spoon. The only difference is one has money and corporate sponsorship and the other is two geeks with a video camera and a dream. You want to see the proof? Look up The Geeky Spoon on YouTube! Check their twitter! They even have a website and google+. The proof is there that Dork Fork is a rip off!

  9. EmmaPeel007 says:

    Now I know what to make with my daughter for tomorrow night’s Doctor Who premier viewing party! I could surround them with stalks of celery and Jelly Babies 😀

    It beats fish fingers and custard that’s for sure…

  10. RogueSherry says:

    I cannot WAIT to see this! I have a Walking Dead Cooking Blog and this is right up my alley!

  11. Donnaismyfavouritecompanion says:

    Speaking of Doctor Who treats, makes TARDIS and Dalek cookies! So good!

  12. novaseason says:

    I love Alton. I just listened to his podcast with Chris yesterday and learned so much about him. Can’t wait until Dork Fork.

  13. Lunachique says:

    I used to have really epic movie parties where I’d make a treat to go along with the movie. My husband helped me bake a Khartoum’s head cake for The Godfather, jello red and blue pills for The Matrix, a Lego Indiana Jones running from a giant cheese ball, chocolate busts of The Fellowship of the Ring, and cookie lightsabers made out of pirouettes, dunked in chocolate, and rolled in colored sugar with foil handles.

  14. Kathleen says:

    I’m so looking forward to this show! and I hate to be ‘that guy’, but you might want to change the spelling to ‘dessert’.