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Geek Week Goes All Who-y

In conjunction with Global Geekery Monday, the second day of YouTube’s Geek Week programming, we’ve got some videos from across the pond, and through time and space. That’s right, we’ve got some Doctor Who videos for your viewing pleasure!

First up, we have the first half of a Top 10 of Doctor Who facts from Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. It’s mostly about the TARDIS for the first five, but they’re all very intriguing. The other five are located over on BBC America‘s channel, which only makes sense.

Next, we, along with Rug Burn, bring you an insane and kinetic anime version of the Eleventh Doctor, along with Amy and Rory, take on Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Sontarans, and Zygons. It’s pretty nuts. Good thing that internet critic is there to set the record straight.

[Rug Burn also did a fantastic Anime Mad Men video you must watch]

Here we get to go behind the scenes with singer-songwriter Alex Day who got to go inside the BBC’s TARDIS set to shoot a music video. Lucky jerk.


Back to BBC America, some die-hard Whovians get the chance to tell Jenna Coleman how to survive her first Comic-Con.

It’s the continuing story of Doctor Puppet, when, in episode 4 “Smoke and Mirrors,” the Doctor Puppet finds himself in a strange and ethereal place facing off against and old and bearded foe.

Sara from Average Betty tells us how to make Fish Fingers and TARDIS Sauce. Yum and funny!

And finally, in case you missed it or in case you want to see it again, here’s the first glimpse of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

What a lovely array of Doctor Who awesomeness here on YouTube today, but that’s merely the Time Lordy part. To see what else awaits you on Global Geekery Day, keep it glued to


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  1. michaelalexkawa says:

    The Anime one was a bit of a disappointment . I never really understood why all Anime parodies are so wrong . I wish that someone would do it at least right ,not viewed by the “Non-Anime ” fan that does not understand it ,but from the eyes of a fan that would appreciate it .

  2. OMG! Finally a fish fingers recipe I ACTUALLY WANT TO MAKE AND EAT! Thank you, AverageBetty!

  3. Gamergirl_24 says:

    When I saw the fish fingers and TARDIS sauce I thought video I thought it would be a recipe for the eleventh Doctors most favorite food… Fish Fingers and Custard… then I started watching and quickly became disappointed as the lady mentioned that she was custard as it would “transport her to parallel universe of regret…” I quickly gave up on this video…

    Now saddened by this I thought to look around youtube to see if any of the cooking channels out there actually made the real thing… that ACTUALLY involved custard… I then found “Feast of FIction” who actually make fish fingers and CUSTARD!!!!

    So for the fans who were saddened by this video here is the link to the Feast of Fiction guys who make this Doctor’s favorite food just the way he likes it!

    Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did!