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Gary Oldman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Hockey, Sparks Nevada’s Return: The Week In Podcasts

What did we have on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week? A lot. So much that… well, unfortunately, my time is very limited this week, so I’m gonna have to be brief. I’ll explain at the end. But first:

Gary Oldman did the Nerdist Podcast to promote Criminal (opening today) and talk about acting, directing, playing Lee Harvey Oswald, being friends with David Bowie, and sobriety.

Sir Patrick Stewart returned to the Nerdist Podcast for a third time, in advance of his new movie Green Room and to talk about his not-quite-brilliant reporting career, charity work, and discovering the story of his dad’s postwar PTSD.

We welcomed our newest show, Puck Soup, with two episodes, one with the always great Katie Nolan on her hand-me-down hockey gear, the Bruins, cursing at games, and Batman vs. Superman, and the other a Stanley Cup playoff preview. We won’t mention the Flyers’ game one loss here. (I know, I just did. Let’s move on.)

Another bonus Thrilling Adventure Hour! The show that refused to die featured the return of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars in a brand new episode recorded at SF Sketchfest this year.

Michael Farber is not just a highly respected writer for Sports Illustrated and Jonah’s colleague there, he’s Jonah’s inspiration, hero, mentor, and former professor, back when Jonah was growing up in Montreal and reading Michael’s stuff in the Montreal Gazette. This week, Michael was the guest on The Jonah Keri Podcast, and you had better believe that they covered all things Montreal sports, including the Habs and the Expos and Tim Raines’ Hall of Fame credentials, but also more personal topics.

Guests! Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Stephanie Beatriz traded facts with Razzle on Today We Learned! Adam Conover (Adam Ruins Everything) dropped by You Made It Weird! Daniel Levy — son of Eugene, co-creator/star of Schitt’s Creek — did The Writers Panel! Stars Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull and co-creator Terry Matalas brought SyFy’s 12 Monkeys to Comic Book Club! Nerdist Industries’ Johnny Wickham had stories of some family eerieness (is that even a word?) on Bizarre States, on which Jess and Bowser also examined some strangeness from Hawaii! Writer/comic Melissa Stephens visited The JV Club! Blues Traveler’s John Popper returned to Chewin’ It! Nasty Gal/#girlboss Sophia Amoruso guested on Love, Alexi! Dr. David Frederick talked about love life skills (derived from research!) on Sex Nerd Sandra! Comedian Drake Witham took the couch on Cash Withdrawal! More round table action with guests Marcus Pierce and Thomas Meek on Pro You!

And more: Jackie and Laurie took on agents and other comedy biz annoyances on The Jackie and Laurie Show. Bodhi and Jenna sparred again on Kicking and Screaming, while Alex and Alison and Tom celebrated the first anniversary of Half Hour Happy Hour.

Oh, and the explanation: It’s convention season, and one of the things I do (elsewhere) is report on broadcasting conventions. So because I’m supposed to go do that in a few minutes, I had to keep it short here. (At this one, I moderated a podcasting panel with Katie Levine and Jackie Kashian plus Dave Anthony and Alison Rosen, and they were all amazing. I wish you could see and hear it. If someone shot video or recorded audio, I’ll link it in a future column.) Anyway, if you want to hear all of the above, go to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. And subscribe, because that way, you’ll just… get it all. So easy.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures/Syncopy

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