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Gandalf’s Connection to GAME OF THRONES

Westeros and Middle-earth may both be sweeping fantasies, but the two realms don’t cross over – or do they? Redditor NoMoreHodoring has spotted a clue that shows us Gandalf might have been defeated by Aegon the Conqueror (the Targaryen who built the Iron Throne): The hilt of Gandalf’s sword, Glamdring, can be spotted on the front of the throne. You can see it to the right of King Joffrey’s head in the above photo.

As much as I love the idea of Gandalf roaming the Seven Kingdoms and teaching magic along the way, it’s obvious someone who worked on the Iron Throne for Game of Thrones is a fan of Lord of the Rings. The uncomfortable seat is supposedly made of a thousand blades, so there’s plenty of opportunities to hide Easter eggs among them. In fact, Redditor darknogra pointed out that a hilt to the right of Glamdring looks a lot like Robin Hood’s sword. See for yourself:


Who else is examining the Iron Throne for other famous blades? Give us a shout in the comments if you find anything!

HT: io9

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  1. Rebecca Rice says:

    Too bad Inigo Montoya used a foil…

  2. Jeremy W says:

    No no no… They weren’t saying those two blades looked alike, they were saying the sword on the throne NEXT to Gandalf’s sword looks like Robin Hood’s.

  3. I beg to differ, Gandalfs sword and the Locksly blade look no wear near the same. It is obvisous that Gandalfs blade was created by elves, although I prefer Dwarven forged myself. Robin Hoods blade is obvisously the work of a second rate Sassanach blacksmith. With the hilt being cast instead of forged.