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Gaming Daily: Zelda in MARIO KART 8 and POKÉMON Fighting Games

With PAX Prime just a couple of short days away, surely there isn’t anything happening in the gaming world, right? You are super duper wrong, my friend! While there will be a slew of announcements and news coming out of PAX Prime this weekend, you better believe that no one has let their foot off the gas making headlines leading up to the event. In comes the Gaming Daily Digest, your daily roundup of all the huge happenings in the industry.

What everyone’s talking about:


A Pokémon fighting game is happening… well, in Japan for now.

We kicked off the day with news that Bandai Namco and Nintendo are teaming up to bring us a 3D Pokémon fighting game. Though the game has only been announced for Japanese arcades this far, it will be produced by the brilliant minds behind Tekken and Soul Calibur. If you’re a fighting game fanatic, this news is in the same spectacular vein as the Silent Hills announcement from a couple of weeks back.


Link is coming to Mario Kart 8

Link is finally making a legitimate appearance on the Wii U as a playable character in Mario Kart 8, via the upcoming “Legend of Zelda X Mario” DLC pack. The expansion is slated to hit this November for £7 and has only been announced for European release thus far. A second DLC pack, which features the characters from Animal Crossing, is due to hit Wii U consoles in May 2015, and there’s even some F-Zero love included in the batch of add-ons. Look at you, Nintendo, making that DLC cash. Go on with ya’ bad selves.


What should we expect with Amazon’s Twitch acquisition?

Yesterday’s news that Amazon is paying a whopping $970 million to purchase Twitch sent the internet ablaze. But do we really know what to expect after gaming’s latest big purchase? While most are jumping to conclusions the same way they did with Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, Nerdist News weighed in on it today from a fair and open point of view.

playstation network

The PlayStation Network goes down… again.

Either the folks responsible for guarding the PlayStation Network‘s server room have decided to do the ice bucket challenge, or the PlayStation Network’s engineers have been listening to a little too much Young Joc. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s sick of the PlayStation Network going down. After being offline for the entirety of Sunday, the online service went down again today for a couple of hours. Surely there were tons of fanboys on forums arguing about this, which brings me to my next topic.

I guess I started a fanboy flame war today.

And last but certainly not least, today’s episode of Nerdist Play is up! Better grab your flame suits for this one, because I’m diving head first into the mighty uncomfortable subject of fanboys. Is it wrong to be a loyal to the brand that’s always brought you satisfaction? How far is “too far” when it comes to brand loyalty? The answer to your question lies in the video above! And now, let’s find out what video games came out today.

Tuesday Releases:


Chills and feels in The Walking Dead game’s season two finale.

Out today is the final episode of Telltale game’s The Walking Dead: Season Two, and our very own Dan Casey is on hand to offer up his thoughts of the last episode as well as his overall feelings towards the entire season. Spoiler Alert: things get quite grim.


Infamous: First Light zaps it’s way onto PlayStation 4.

Also out today is Infamous: First Light, the standalone DLC expansion to Infamous: Second Son. In First Light, players play assume the role of Fetch, the who eventually becomes the catalyst for Delsin’s Neon powers in Second Son. The DLC gives players the background story on Fetch, from the murder of the love of her life, to her incarceration by Augustine.

Alright folks, that’s your daily dose of gaming goodness. Make sure you stay tuned here on Nerdist for all of your breaking video game news, to talk about our beloved medium, or to just chat on Twitter. I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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