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Gaming Daily: Watch CASTLEVANIA’s Koji Igarashi Slay a Vampire for BLOODSTAINED

It’s safe to say that we’ve had a heck of a week — and we haven’t even hit E3 yet! Since Monday, we’ve had an official Fallout 4 announcement, rumors about Gears of War, Dark Souls 3, the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and even a 1 terabyte PS4 that may be joining the 1 terabyte Xbox One on shelves one day. The good thing is, this is just the beginning. To close out the week, we’ve gathered a couple stories to keep you completely informed and up to date before we head into the weekend. In today’s Gaming Daily, watch Castlevania’s Koji Igarashi promote his upcoming game Bloodstained by whipping a vampire to death, find out what’s so special about The Witcher 3‘s new patch, and learn which famous Square Enix artist Capcom hired to create some of the free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC.

Bloodstained Image

Igarashi teamed up with Mega64 to promote Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Koji Igarashi (of Castlevania fame) announced his mysterious title Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night? After launching on Kickstarter May 11, the  $500,000 goal was met within a couple of hours, and had raised upwards of $850,000 by the end of the day. With a week to go before the fundraiser ends and the project having raised a whopping $3.4 million at the time of writing, IGA (as he is commonly referred) has teamed up with the Mega64 guys to promote the title and show off his excellent vampire slaying skills.

The video, which you can check out at the top of the page, two members of Mega64 encounter the great vampire slayer IGA, who before he tracks down his prey, needs to collect the vampire’s belongings to summon the beast. Hilarity ensues as the developer–donning his cowboy hat, of course–collects things like a vampire crystal, vampire ring, and even a Nokia phone. Once those three things are gathered, he summons the bloodsucking beast and hilariously whips him to death.

Though the game isn’t mentioned in the piece, the point of the video is to advertise the game. There is a note at the end that asks viewers to donate to the project. I know what you’re thinking: Where is the rest of that money going if the money raised is way over the target goal? Well according to the Kickstarter page, the rest will go towards extra content like a retro level, speed run mode, a boss rush mode and towards putting the game on Wii U in addition to PS4 and Xbox One.

HT: YouTube

CD Projekt Red deploys the “Bovine Defense Force Initiative” to fix the money exploit in The Witcher 3

Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds. If you’ve been trekking through the beautiful lands of The Witcher 3, you’re probably already aware of the money exploit. Previously, you’d be able to make a pretty nice score by killing a group of cows, selling their hides for a pretty penny and waiting for them to respawn to do the same thing all over again. Considering the fact that it normally takes a long time to make money, the developer decided to patch the ability out and replace it with an amazing surprise for those who think they’re outsmarting the game.

Instead of simply making the cows disappear from the area, a new, ridiculously strong enemy spawns and chases unsuspecting players around. Unless you’re a pretty high level in the game, encountering this baddie is sure to end in your death. And as you’ll see in the video above, the beast relentlessly chases poor Geralt around the map.

The “Bovine Defense Force Initiative” as it is cryptically referred to in the game’s most recent patch notes is accompanied by a series of fixes that increases the loot dropped throughout the game, fixes another exploit where players were allowed to collect seashells, and sell the pearls within for a higher price and more.

HT: GameSpot, YouTube

June’s Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC is here!

If you’ve been dying to see your cute little palico sidekick dressed up like Dante from the Devil May Cry series, this one is definitely for you! The free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC is here for the month of June and includes special Animal Crossing and Devil May Cry goodies for you and your adorable kitty friend. What’s more is that Capcom has collaborated with Square Enix and enlisted the help of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts artist Testuya Nomura to design special gear “specifically for the western version”.

Included in the pack is the following:

14 New quests
5 New weapons
1 Complete armor set
4 Palico weapons
4 Palico armor sets
1 Bonus Palico: Pink Pal
3 Guild Card backgrounds
6 Guild Card titles

The Palico armor sets included allow you to dress your kitty up like both Devil May Cry’s Dante, and Animal Crossing favorites Isabelle and Mr. Resetti. It’s too bad Tom Nook isn’t included. It’s been a while since I’ve visited my own town in New Leaf, but I’m pretty sure Tom Nook is still there…plotting.

HT: Capcom Blog

That’s it for today everybody! Keep Nerdist tabbed for all your upcoming gaming news, reviews and features.

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