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Gaming Daily: UNCHARTED 4 Concept Art, Play MS PAC-MAN for Breast Cancer Awareness, Free THE SIMS 4 STAR WARS DLC, and More

It’s Wednesday, but not just any ordinary Wednesday– it’s October 1st! That means there’s 30 more days until we all get sick to our stomachs from eating all sorts of candies. And while yes, we’re supposed to hand the candy out to kiddies dressed up in adorable costumes, I will unabashedly admit, I call all the dibs on Twix and Almond Joys. But before I start hyping up my excitement for sugary goodness, let’s focus back on what we’re really here for, today’s non-candy nut nonetheless sweet gaming news!

Uncharted 4 Concept Art


We get our first look at the dangerous world of Uncharted 4 thanks to Dark Horse’s upcoming book, The Art of Naughty Dog. The screens were spotted on Tumblr user’s misstalwyn page and they showcase a rather bleak and wet world. Though we don’t get a clear glimpse of that foxy Nathan Drake, it’s certain that the fourth title from this exclusive Sony franchise is turning to the dark and gloomy side. Ain’t no sunshine in his life.

(HT: Game Revolution)

Play Ms. Pac-Man For Breast Cancer Awareness


If you aren’t already in the know, Nerdist is hosting another 24 hour marathon this year for Extra Life in support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. If you’re looking to partake in more charitable deeds, I suggest picking up a new pink maze for Bandai Namco’s various mobile Pac-Man titles. Each 99 cent purchase goes straight to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. There’ll be a special pink ribbon theme during October. Unite with other games, and help today!

(HT: Venture Beat)

The Sims 4 Free Update Includes Star Wars Costumes


The force is strong with The Sims 4. In honor of Halloween and playing dress up in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars-themed costumes are now available for your Sims characters. You can dress up as Leia in her white gown, Luke in his X-Wing pilot suit, Darth Vader, and Yoda. While there are also various new eye colors available to choose from, this free update is the first of three arriving in the coming months. November will bring free pools and December’s update will include new careers and rewards. I’m a fan of free, so I welcome these goodies. Now the real question is, will Yoda be one with the Force if we leave him in a room with no windows and doors?

(HT: Game Informer)

Destiny Patch Updates


Put on your robe and wizard hat, Destiny‘s latest updates are in. Tired of grinding and grinding and not getting the rare loot you need to help level you up? Well that’s changing now. Purple engrams will now always produce a Legendary or better item. That’s great news for those who’ve not had a chance to grind when the Loot Cave was still around. Yeah, we know who you are.

(HT: Bungie)

And that’s your hump day bit of gaming news. Want to discuss more about the video games? Check out Malik Forte’s Nerdist Play to see what you should be playing (Shadow of Mordor!) or hit him up on the Twitters @Malik4Play. You can also bug me with all things games @LinkSmash.

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