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Gaming Daily: ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IV to Release on PS4 This May

Friday has finally arrived, and with it came some stellar developments for Star Wars fans with Battlefront footage finally shown off. Amidst all of the Star Wars news–not that we are complaining or anything– but there was other video game news. Do not worry yourself though, we have you covered on everything else that happened outside of the galaxy far, far, away. In todays Gaming Daily: Ultra Street Fighter IV gets a worldwide next-gen release date of May 26th, Bungie will be giving a tour of the Destiny House of Wolves DLC’s new locations before it releases, and Helldivers gets a new trailer for its upcoming expansion. Read on!


Ultra Street Fighter IV to make its way onto PS4 May 26th 

Get ready for a less gruesome, less violent fighting game to invade your PS4. It was previously announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV would be making its way exclusively onto the PS4 this year before the eventual launch of Street Fighter V. We now know more information on the impending release of this new-but-old title. Sony and Capcom have announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch worldwide on the PS4 May 26, at a price point of $24.99. This new version will include everything that was previously released for the title, including characters and stages.

Sure, this game has been released so many times already that some of the shine has been gone for a while, but that is one inviting price point. Of course, the gem for Sony and their console will be Street Fighter V, and it will be a much bigger deal when that releases. At least the fighting game genre is becoming more widely represented on current-gen consoles, which we should all be thankful for.


Bungie to live stream a tour of new locations in Destiny House of Wolves

Contrary to what you may believe, Destiny is still a thing. It continues to flourish because of its wonderful online community that keeps going back, mostly for the game’s highly touted raids. So it was a bit of a shocker to hear that the latest expansion wouldn’t include this feature. Instead, the House of Wolves pack will include some new locations– unlike the previous DLC. More importantly, it will include a new hub world called Vestian Outpost, which will include its own vendors and items, including new gear upgrades. Up to this point, the only location you could go to for vendors was the Tower. Bungie has decided to host a stream that will give a tour of this new location and explain some of the gear upgrades. You can catch the stream 11 A.M. Pacific time next Wednesday on Bungies Twitch channel.

Without having played the new content, it is hard to complain about the expansion lacking a raid, especially since it will include new locations. With that being said, it would still be great to get new locations and a raid incorporated in one expansion. Many of the people that departed the world of Destiny did so because the new missions were set in the same rehashed locations. Bungie also found the need to completely change the upgrade system, and that simply undid a lot of the work that dedicated players put in grinding for their items.

To also hear that there will be new ways of upgrading gear only brings on a headache. There are already so many different forms of currency in the game, what more do we need?


More democracy being spread in new Helldivers Turn Up the Heat DLC teaser trailer  

Helldivers–the online only game that loves to spread democracy one magazine at a time–is bringing the heat. This top down twin stick shooter– which is only available on Playstation consoles– is getting some new free content in which “freedom intensifies”. Arrowhead Studios released a trailer to show off some new gameplay from the upcoming Turn Up the Heat content. Nothing specific is shown here, just some good ole actio. No date is attached either, but it is a safe bet that this is not too far off.

We thought the game was rather good, and a lot of fun to play with friends. With three DLC packs already available, the studio behind the game seems intent on supporting the game for a good while. Without knowing exactly what will come from Turn Up the Heat, non character specific additions are on the wish list. Hopefully new maps and missions.

You can check out the fifty second long teaser trailer above.

Well that does it for this week, fellow Jedi. It has been a Star Wars filled time and we aren’t complaining. Force push your thoughts into the comments section below and let us know if you are going to pick up Street Fighter for your PS4. Make sure to play plenty of games this weekend.

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