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Gaming Daily: Telltale Games and Mojang Releasing MINECRAFT Adventure Game

Today’s Gaming Daily is an interesting mishmash of today’s top news, including a mind-blowing announcement from Telltale Games and Mojang, Ubisoft’s near-comical efforts to simply pass Assassin’s Creed Unity off as a playable game, and the Steam Holiday Sale has begun! What else is on the docket for today? Let’s dive right in!


Telltale and Mojang reveal Minecraft: Story Mode

Surprise, Minecraft fans! Telltale Games and Mojang have joined forces to bring us a new kind of Minecraft adventure: Minecraft: Story Mode. Rather than focusing on the creative or exploration aspects of the popular sandbox title, this series is going to act as a completely separate experience from the classic title.

Mojang has announced the company will be working closely with Telltale and community members to ensure the game features as much Minecraft magic as possible. It also won’t be an “official” story for flagship character Steve, and rather just a “cool game.”

You don’t have to tell us twice! This sounds like absolutely awesome news. Check out today’s earlier post for more!


Ubisoft’s mammoth Assassin’s Creed Unity patch is just as broken as the game.

Ubisoft released a whopping 6.7 GB patch in an attempt to resolve the myriad of issues still present within the latest Assassin’s Creed title, but even it comes with a price. Ubisoft has confirmed via the official Assassin’s Creed site that the patch isn’t replacing the damaged parts of the game, but the entire game itself.

Essentially, gamers are seeing a 40 GB download appear in their queue when they should be seeing a 6.7 GB patch — the whole game is being replaced, and that’s just not cool.

“We are working with Microsoft on a solution to reduce the total download to the intended size so that you can get back into the game faster, but as of now we have no ETA on when this will be resolved,” Ubisoft said.

However, if you do finish the download after painstakingly waiting for it to complete, you should be left with a functional copy of Unity. It’s the waiting that stings, though. Will Ubisoft ever get this right? Only time will tell.

[HT: VG247]


The Steam Holiday Sale is officially underway!

It’s that time of year again. That’s right — get your wallets ready for a sound thrashing, as the Steam Holiday Sale has begun! Each unique sale will run for 48 hours, and today’s deals include games like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Dark Souls II, Sniper Elite III, and Rocksmith 2014.

There will also be a bevy of flash sales that run for 24 hours, and today’s deals include SpeedRunners, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Damned for some insanely low prices.

We’ll be keping you up to date on particularly awesome deals, but make sure to keep checking back on Steam to see what you can pick up!

[HT: VG247]

That’s about it for now! Remember to keep Nerdist open amongst all those hundreds of tabs you just can’t help but close for more news, reviews, features, and nerdy magic.

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