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Gaming Daily: Teens Fail at MEGA MAN, BLOODBORNE News En Route

Aside from all of the exciting DMC and Final Fantasy XV news from earlier today, we’ve braved the gaming news drought to find a couple of other highlights from the day. In today’s Gaming Daily, teens fail miserably at Mega Man, Bloodborne news is on the way, and Ciri is revealed as the second playable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

These kids just can’t handle Mega Man.

If this isn’t a sign that games are too easy these days then I don’t know what is. In the newest episode of the React series, a young batch of gamers were handed an NES controller and a chance to tackle the 1987 classic Mega Man. While one kid seemed up for the challenge, the rest struggled through the entire playthrough. One was even confused as to why she wasn’t told to stay away from spikes. (face palm)

Despite all of the struggles, it seems like they all had fun with the classic title. They considered it “enjoyable” and remarked that the first enemy was a lot harder than the bosses in current games. Do you feel old yet?

bloodborne tweet

 From Software to reveal more about Bloodborne.

To battle the gaming news drought during the holiday season, From Software has revealed that they’ll be releasing more information about their upcoming title Bloodborne on December 18. According to a post on Twitter, the update will be related to new enemies, which tend to be the highlight of From Software games. From the look of the beastly baddie in the image above, it looks like we’re in for a treat.

ciri witcher

Ciri will be playable in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

CD Projekt Red has revealed today that Ciri will be the other playable character in the upcoming entry of The Witcher series. This announcement comes hot off the heels of the revelation that the game will be delayed a whole three months due to the developer’s desire to limit bugs.

The company also explained that you will not be able to switch between the ashen-haired beauty and Geralt at will. Changing roles will happen organically with story progression. “Ciri is playable only during certain moments in the game – we introduce her to give gamers another perspective in the story to make it even more engaging,” explains the studio’s Robert Malinowski. “You won’t play as her for long periods of time, but since she’s crucial to the plot, we thought that additional insight will allow gamers to better bond with this cool character.”

That’s about it for today’s Gaming Daily everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all your upcoming news, reviews and features.

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