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Gaming Daily: Surprise! M. Bison Unveiled in STREET FIGHTER V

The dry spell before the E3 monsoon is in full effect in the world of video game news, but at least we have this cool Mad Max: Fury Road theory to make us want to see the movie again. Not that the movie needed such to give you a reason to double down on another screening. In today’s Gaming Daily: the newest Street Fighter V character has been revealed and Heroes of the Storm is finally in open beta.


M.Bison confirmed for Street Fighter V.

Not the biggest surprise, but still worthy of note: Capcom is accelerating the Street Fighter reveals on the road to EVO, unveiling the latest addition to Street Fighter V’s rapidly growing roster, M. Bison. The newest iteration of Bison looks twice as annoying as he’s always been, with a host of buffed versions of his old moveset, and a brand new, Rose-like projectile reflecting ability. Luffy‘s going to have fun with that.

As of now, we know Ryu, Chun Li, and Charlie will most definitely be returning to the venerable brawler. Good on Capcom for bringing Charlie Nash into the trailer to remind people of the old intense rivalry. I personally can’t wait to see the dynamic between these two, especially given the fact that Bison was the man responsible for Charlie’s supposed death.

[HT: IGN Youtube]


Heroes of the Storm enters open beta.

The time is nigh! The launch date for Heroes of the Storm is approximately two weeks away, and what better way to celebrate the release of a game than to shift it into open beta. Starting today, anyone who owns a compatible computer will be able to join the final beta testing phase before the game goes live.

This is especially good news for folks who plan on embarking on the long, strenuous road to BlizzCon, where over $1 million in cash and prizes will be on the line for the world’s best teams. Time to get that early practice in! Word on the streets is that a couple of new characters are going to be announced for E3, so make sure to keep it locked here on Nerdist to get the update on those.

Trials: Fusion goes first-person parkour.

Remember the wild, wacky, and usually frustrating world of Trials: Fusion? Well, one enterprising modder named Bubbakhar transformed the time trial-focused, challenging racing game into a first-person parkour game using the in-game editor:

[HT: Kotaku]

That about wraps it for Tuesday’s Gaming Daily. Always keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of the juicy video game developments, and to chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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