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Gaming Daily: SUPER SMASH BROS. (Wii U) Nintendo Direct Recap

With Super Smash Bros. already available on the 3DS, and the launch of the Wii U version just around the corner, Nintendo aired a special Nintendo Direct to explain just how different the two are. If you missed the stream, check out the video below and continue reading for our recap.

One of the earliest announcements in the stream was that the Wii U version will support up to 8 players simultaneously. Now before you get too excited, this capability is limited to only certain stages and is offline only—for obvious reasons. Larger stages have been developed to accommodate the additional players. Among the larger stages are “Palutena’s” temple, “Hyrule Temple” and a “Big Battlefield” stage.

The stages will differ in both number and structure between the two versions, with a Miiverse stage that won’t be available until sometime after launch. The Great Cave Offensive stage—which is based on Kirby’s Super Star—will feature quite a few danger zones. If hit while a fighter is at over 100% damage, it will result in an automatic KO. Also, “Jungle Hijinx” will feature dual plane battling and is based on Donkey Kong Country. In this stage, players will be able to shift between battling in the background and foreground via barrel.

The Paulatena’s Temple Stage will feature Palutena and Pit dialogue, similar to the Metal Gear Solid easter egg in Brawl. Also, a similar feature will be available in Star Fox stages. The Gaur Plain stage, which is also in the 3DS version, will feature an invasion by Metal Face–who you’ll be able to KO.


The inclusion of Ridley was finally explained as well. He will invade the Metroid “Pyrosphere” and can be used as an ally once you hit him several times. Also, once he consumes enough energy,  he can morph into Meta Ridley. Defeating him will add a KO to your score in timed smashes.

The stream also had several things to say about the music in the game. “My Music” which allows percentage adjustments for each stage, has made a return from Brawl. It was also stated that the Wii U version will feature more than double the music tracks than the version on the 3DS, all of which are crafted by a massive number of composers. With that being said, unlockable CDs are back from brawl–some of which can be unlocked after completing challenges.

Classic mode will differ from the 3DS version and will support two-player co-op. Players will be allowed to advance based on skill and will face rivals and challengers at random.  All-Star Mode will reverse the order of the 3DS version and will require players to defeat opponents in reverse chronological order. That means you’ll start with the new characters and work your way back to the classics.

Smash Tour

“Smash Tour” is a board game mode in which Miis advance across the board while power-ups, items and characters are collected on the way. If two Miis end up on the same spot, battle will ensue across the board, allowing players to steal fighters from each other after achieving victory.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand will be the stars of the “Special Orders” section which will include both Master Orders and Crazy Orders. Master hand issues orders, with rewards based on difficulty level while Crazy hand offers challenges that can be played at the cost of some gold. Master Core makes a return on the Wii U and can become Master Fortress.

Also, online players will be able to hold tournaments, with up to 64 players hosted, once the feature is made available. The Wii U GamePad mic will enable voice chat that is made available before and after matches (not during matches to increase player connectivity).


Towards the end of the stream, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings were officially revealed for the Wii U version. Also for anyone who purchases bother versions, Mewtwo will be available as a DLC character. Unfortunately, he won’t make his debut until Spring of 2015.

Phew! That was a massive list. Will you be picking up Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Nintendo

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