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Gaming Daily: SUPER SMASH BROS. Announcer Sings the Pokemon Theme

Well it seems that just about everyone wants to be the very best that no one ever was. In today’s Gaming Daily, the Super Smash Bros. 4  announcer graces the internet with his rendition of the Pokémon theme song, Alien Isolation gets DLC next week and the font of an Xbox One exclusive was used for a Sony Playstation ad (oops)! In the words of our main man Mario, Letsa go!

The Pokémon theme, as performed by the Super Smash Bros. announcer.

Have you ever wondered what the Pokémon intro would sound like if it was sung by the Smash Bros. announcer? If not, you’re going to find out anyways. In response to an “Ask Me Anything” segment on his YouTube channel, voice actor Xander Mobus–credited as the voice of the announcer in Super Smash Bros. 4–belted out the theme song we all know and love.

After cheekily singing “this is going to suck” at the beginning of the song, Mobus stays in character the entire time and doesn’t disappoint. According to a comment on his AMA video, he is still taking requests and will try to get to as many as he can. So if you want to know what it would sound like if you were a character in the famous fighting game, smash your way on over to his channel.

[HT: redforman and Xander Mobus via /r/smashbros]

Alien Isolation Corporate Lockdown

Alien Isolation “Corporate Lockdown” DLC is out next week

Sega has announced the first of five DLC packs for the scary as heck Alien Isolation. If you think you can handle, come October 28 you’ll be able to download “Corporate Lockdown” for only $7.99. Taking advantage of Survivor Mode, this particular add-on offers the three brand new leader board based challenge maps: “Severance”, “Scorched Earth,” and “Loose Ends.” Four more packs: “Trauma”, “Safe Haven”, “Lost Contact”, and “The Trigger” will all follow in this DLC’s wake.

According to the press release, players will compete via leader board to see who can escape the station the fastest or with the highest score through side quests. Also, Gauntlet Mode– in which players are challenged to complete all three challenge maps back-to-back without dying–will be making its debut with “Corporate Lockdown.”

Sunset Overdrive font

Sony used the font of an Xbox One exclusive for an advertisement!

With Sunset Overdrive releasing October 28, this next one couldn’t be more time appropriate. A free-to-use font called “Overdrive Sunset” which according to developer Insomniac Games was made from their original logo, was used for a Sony advertisement. Though whoever designed the ad above wasn’t in the wrong,  they’ve gotten themselves into a situation that has us laughing. Insomniac’s tweet in regards to the situation takes the cake on this one. Check out their humorous response:

Touche! Looks like somebody scored free press for their upcoming game and another somebody is a little bit embarrassed.

[HT: Polygon]

That’s it for today my friends. Make sure to keep an eye on Nerdist for all your video game news, reviews and features. Meander on down to the comments section or chat with me via @sam3214 on twitter with your thoughts.

Images: Toho, Microsoft, Sony Entertainment

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