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Gaming Daily: Speedrunner Completes Pokémon Red/Blue in 21 Minutes, Nintendo Pulls out of Brazil

Happy Friday, everybody! Before you head off into a wonderful weekend of gaming, we’ve gathered a bit of today’s gaming-related news to keep you informed. In today’s Gaming Daily, somebody completed Pokémon Red/Blue in 21 minutes, Nintendo pulls out of Brazil, and images posted on the From Software Twitter account suggest a live action trailer may be on its way. Praise the sun!

Pokémon Red/Blue completed in under 30 minutes.

If you were paying attention to the Awesome Games Done Quick stream list we posted in our recap on Monday, you probably noticed that the completion time of  Pokémon Red/Blue was surprisingly estimated to take about 30 minutes. Well, it turns out that skilled speedrunner Werster managed to make it to the very end in a matter of only 21 minutes.

Taking advantage of glitches and other strategies, the player was able to breeze past most of the challenges in the game and safely land in the Hall of Heroes without fighting any of the bosses. Whether you’re into that sort of thing or not, it’s certainly impressive to see someone bend one of our favorite games to their will.

If you aren’t interested in the little stops along the way, skipping to 20:18 takes you to the final glitch that helped them break the game.

nintendo leaves brazil

Nintendo Pulls Out of Brazil

In some pretty unfortunate news, Nintendo has decided to halt all distribution of the company’s products in Brazil–thus ending a four year partnership. The decision comes as a result of several challenges with the local businesses in the country including heavy taxation of the Japanese giant’s goods. According to reports, the Wii U sold for an astounding $830 USD on launch.

Bill van Zyll, Director and General Manager for Latin America of Nintendo stated, “Brazil is an important market for Nintendo and home to many passionate fans but unfortunately challenges in the business local environment have made our current distribution model in the country unsustainable. These challenges include high tariffs on imports that apply to our industry and our decision not to have a local manufacturing operation.”

However, it seems all may not be lost for Brazilian fans as he continued, “Working together with the Juegos de Video Latinoamérica, we will monitor the evolution of the business environment and evaluate the best way to serve our Brazilian fans in the future….We will continue to monitor the environment in the country so that we can evaluate future opportunities.”

dark souls from software live action

From Software Posts Live Image of Bonfire on Twitter

If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series, the sight of a glowing bonfire in the distance was probably one of the only signs of comfort in the game. Well, as long as you didn’t fall off a ledge or get pummeled to a bloody pulp before you reached it. If you ever wondered what the flickering flames looked like in person, the series developer From Software released two images on their Twitter account this morning.

Here’s a closer look:

dark souls bonfire lit

Praise the sun!

The images seem to suggest that the company is going to release some sort of live action trailer for the upcoming release of Dark Souls II on the PS4 and Xbox One on April 7, 2015–a few weeks after the launch of the much anticipated new IP Bloodborne. While the images don’t prove anything is going to happen, they are still fun to look at.

That’s about it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all of your upcoming gaming news, reviews and features!


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