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Gaming Daily: Red Fly Studio Wants to Resurrect Darth Maul Game

After an exhausting, yet fun game-filled weekend, team Nerdist was able to raise nearly $16,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals during our 24 hour Extra Life stream. We had a ton of special guests, including: LA Laker Roy Hibbert, Smosh Games, Team Rocket Jump, The Attack, The Young Turks, and our wonderful siblings at Geek and Sundry, just to name a few. Thanks to everyone who donated, watched, or shared our stream. After hibernating all day yesterday, it’s time to get back to work. In today’s Gaming Daily, Red Fly Studio wants to resurrect their Darth Maul Game, iam8bit added a bunch of cool Guild Wars gear to their online store, a recent update brought Halloween to Destiny, the Indoor Kids chatted with Adam Sessler about Gun Media’s Friday The 13th game, and a new PlayStation 4 survey gauges fan interest in several exciting features.

Darth Maul gif two

Red Fly Studio wants to resurrect Darth Maul game.

Not too many people are aware of the fact that we almost had a Darth Maul game, which was abruptly cancelled back in 2010. While I’m not quite sure how anybody would be able to stare at the famed Star Wars villain’s malevolent mug all day without having nightmares, the developer’s idea to model the character action game after Rocksteady’s Arkham series sounded pretty promising. Based on recent remarks Red Fly Studios’ Dan Borth made in a Reddit AMA, it sounds like the developer has plans to resurrect the axed title.

In fact, Borth ignited the conversation by stating that he was “working on resurrecting [the Darth Maul game],” later on remarking that the studio was “working on a full next-gen demo of all things Maul to show to the powers that be.”

One of the biggest questions posed by fans concerned how the developer planned on fleshing out Maul’s character. Apparently, they planned on showcasing his path to Sith-hood. He explained:

But, he admitted that bringing the game back would be an issue, especially with Electronic Arts and Disney’s 2013 agreement, which as a result, handed over exclusive publishing rights to all Star Wars games to EA. Borth, however, is hoping that the publisher ends up seeing “the value in us reskinning our combat mechanic to be more in line with what they are thinking for Star Wars.”

HT: Polygon, Reddit

Guild Wars 2 iam8bit

iam8bit added a bunch of Guild Wars 2 items to online store.

If you’re a fan of the Guild Wars franchise, you might want to check out iam8bit’s online store sometime soon. They recently put up several Guild Wars 2-themed itemsincluding the adorable $25 Quaggan Plush pictured above. There are also several t-shirts (all priced at $23) and prints up for sale. The best part is that most of it is pretty affordable. If Guild Wars isn’t your thing, they also have some pretty cool PsychoNauts prints, the Rare Vinyl’s we reported on, and Journey’s official soundtrack on Vinyl.

HT: iam8bit

Thriller Dance and more  added to Destiny with recent Halloween-themed update

While celebrating Halloween with special content is nothing new for Bungie, they’ve really outdone themselves with this year’s update. Not only has the Tower been redecorated, but they’ve added masks based on characters from the game (including the Cryptarch), new quests, and some sweet, sweet dance moves . Yes, you’ll be able to do the “Thriller” dance, and it’s as amazing as it sounds (see above).

Cryptarch Mask

Just look at the Cryptarch mask you can snag. LOOK AT IT.

The update includes the “Festival of the Lost” special event, which gives you the opportunity to score some Halloween emotes, a legendary mask, and a couple of consumables from Tess Everis. Unfortunately, if you want one of the new spooky dances,  you’ll have to purchase some silver. I suppose they’re really pushing those microtransactions.

Additionally, if you visit Eva Levante, she’ll give you a candy bag, which will fill with “candy” after visiting other NPC vendors (except for Eris who gives you raisins). You will also be rewarded with candy after defeating enemies. Once your bag is full, you’ll be able to purchase masks, and a couple of other things.

HT: PushSquare
LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 14: Co-hosts Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler pose together outside of the Dolby Theatre before the start of the Bethesda E3 2015 press conference on June 14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Bethesda press conference is held in conjunction with the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which focuses on gaming systems and interactive entertainment, featuring introductions to new products and technologies. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Adam Sessler joined the Indoor Kids to talk about Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game.

Last week, our friends at the Indoor Kids podcast chatted with Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden about Until Dawn, and this week, they invited Adam Sessler to join in on the fun. Amongst a couple of topics, they discussed Gun Media’s Friday the 13th game, which we reported on a couple of weeks ago. To find out what they talked about, give the latest episode a listen (linked below), and read our full post on the game.

HT: Nerdist

PlayStation Survey

Recent PlayStation 4 survey hints at features we may see in the future.

Paris Games Week is here, and with it, we’re sure to get a ton of gaming-related announcements. With Sony’s press conference set to take place tomorrow morning, at 10 AM PST, there has been a ton of speculation that the company is finally going to allow users to change their PSN ID’s. It sounds like the rumor is likely, especially after looking at a screenshot–which was posted on NeoGaf by user: Saint of Killers–of a PS4 survey that’s been making the rounds.

In addition to allowing people to change their PSN ID, the survey also included several other interesting features like being able to appear offline while playing, PS2 and PS1 classics, hide/remove demos and content from your library, and filtering your library by installed only, download only and genre.

This of course doesn’t mean they are going to implement any of these things, but it is nice to see that the company is trying to gage consumer interest.

HT: VG 24/7

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for upcoming gaming news, reviews and features. In the mood to discuss? Join the conversation in the comments, on Facebook, or send me a tweet: @sam3214!

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