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Gaming Daily: Nintendo’s New ‘NX’ Console Rumored to Run On Android-Based OS

As expected, we were hit with a lot of big pre-E3 news earlier this morning. XCOM 2 was announced as a PC exclusive, a new Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer was released, LEGO Worlds was announced, and free DLC is on the way for Grand Theft Auto V next week. Whew! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again– it’s really starting to feel like E3. Since I know a lot was announced today, I’ve gathered a couple of other highlights you may have missed. In today’s Gaming Daily: Nintendo’s NX console is supposedly going to run on Android-based OS, Destiny dev Bungie registered several new trademarks relating to something called “Eververse Trading Co.”, and Dying Light has reached over 4.5 million unique users.


The NX might run on Android OS.

Aside from the bigger game announcements and trailers from the day, the rumor that Nintendo’s mysterious NX console could supposedly run on an Android-based OS also garnered a lot of attention. Though we already know that the system won’t be making an appearance at E3 this year, it comes as no surprise that details are already starting to leak. This news in particular comes courtesy of Neo GAF user duckroll’s translation of an article from Japanese business site Nikkei.

According to the post, the lengthy article states that an inside source claims that the new Nintendo console Iwata has been teasing will run on software that is Android-based. It goes on to discuss how the disastrous Wii U launch caused them to regroup and come up with a strategy that would expand their horizons and make it easier for developers to create content for the system.

All of this is speculation at the moment, but remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the NX is going to resemble the same kind of experience you’d get on mobile devices. It will be interesting to learn more about this as the story develops.

HT: Nikkei, Neo GAF

Destiny Fan Art

Bungie trademarks “Eververse Trading Co,”

It was just last month that the folks behind Destiny registered the trademark “The Taken King”. While we’re still waiting to hear more on what could possibly be the big fall expansion, Bungie has gone and registered three brand new trademarks: Eververse, Eververse Trading Co. and EV, which includes the logo you see below.

EV Logo


While the thread dates back to last week, people around the web have barely begun to take notice. The trademark’s description includes things like interactive game software, books, Halloween costumes, in game items, toys and more. Though the company has yet to announce anything called Eververse, many are assuming that it is in relation to the comments the company made about possibly including a player trading system one day.


Image courtesy of deviantArt//artist: Harpiya

Dying Light Image

Dying Light has reached over 4.5 million unique users, and details about the future of the franchise teased.

After reaching a whopping 3.2 million unique users last March, Techland’s zombie title Dying Light (which we loved) is up to over 4.5 million users. This, of course does not, represent sales, as many of these users can be accounted for because of second hand sales.

Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka told Eurogamer, “Sales [we] count later–we need time to calculate the sales and returns and so on. Unique users means all the unique users we calculated on the server playing the game for significant number of time,” he added. “Sales might be slightly less because that includes also secondary sales.”

Though they’ve released DLC for the title, Marchewka teased that we might be seeing a bigger expansion in the near future. “We are thinking about maybe something really of bigger scope,” Marchewka teased. When asked if he was referring to an expansion, he remarked “I don’t know if I can say that. We’ll see, we don’t know that yet.”

His comments also suggested that they’ve already been considering a sequel. He stated, “Obviously, we’re also thinking about how to think about the sequel, what should happen there,” he said. “So a lot of talk going on right now.”

HT: Eurogamer

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all your upcoming gaming news, reviews and features!

HT: Featured Image courtesy of deviantArt//artist: Zita52

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