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Gaming Daily: New STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT Concept Art Shows Off Endor

If you’ve been paying attention to all of today’s game news, take a second and wipe the sweat off of your forehead. Between the announcement of tons of new LEGO video games, the addition of 15 new 8-player Super Smash Bros. Wii U levels, and the unveiling of Ermac in Mortal Kombat X, it’s almost crazy that there’s still more stuff to talk about. But there most definitely is, and in today’s Gaming Daily, we’re going to look at some extremely dope Star Wars Battlefront concept art and revist a cult classic in the genre of point-and-click games. Let’s do this!

Star Wars Battlefront

Oh, boy! If you needed another reason to be excited about this year in gaming, you’ve certainly come to the right place. The new Star Wars Battlefront game is scheduled to release later on this year. Today, IGN got their hands on some of the game’s concept art. Enough of me blabbing, check out the full image for yourself below:


For those of you who may not be aware, the picture distinctly shows a battle taking place on the moon of Endor between Rebels and a couple of Stormtroopers. Off in the distance you can see an AT-ST blasting away at enemy forces. According to the game’s design director Niklas Fegraeus, the game will have a “great variety” of maps and modes.

“The scale of our maps and modes offer a great variety,” Fegraeus stated. “We have actually made the decision to specifically tailor certain maps to certain game modes.”

“What we get from that is not only incredibly varied scales, but also gameplay that will allow players to live out some of their most memorable Star Wars battle fantasies. ”

Sounds like the game is coming along quite nicely. Though what sparked the conversation today was just concept art, this was definitely a nice holdover until we get our first look at the game in action this spring. Bring on May the fourth!


Indigo Prophecy remastered for release on Steam, iOS.

Many folks know Quantic Dream for their 2010, point-and-click adventure game Heavy Rain. But before they put out their first critically acclaimed PS3-exclusive, a little game called Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit overseas) was released by their camp. Even without it being a mainstream hit, the game went on to be a cult classic. Today, the game has been remastered and rereleased on Steam and iOS.

Players can pick up the definitive version of Indigo Prophecy (which is aptly titled Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy) today on both platforms for $9.99. An Android version of the game is scheduled to come out in the future, feature mobile support, and support graphics upscaling features that can be toggled on and off. This is a great game to play if you enjoyed Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls, and I recommend it to pretty much any fan of point-and-click adventures!

That about wraps it for Thursday’s Gaming Daily. Always keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of the juicy video game developments. To chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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