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Gaming Daily: New METAL GEAR SOLID V and SILENT HILLS Trailers, Humble Bundle’s Big Milestone, and More

Konichiwa, my nakamas! The Tokyo Game Show goodies have been pouring in all day long and we’ve consolidated all of the dance-worthy news and trailers here for your viewing pleasure. Fair warning: today’s developments are indeed, dance-worthy. So don’t blame me if the awesomeness you’re about to witness makes you want to shake your ass in excitement. Seriously, proceed forward at your own discretion.

Look at you, already dancing and we haven’t even started. Are you done? Alright, let’s get to it!


Check out Quiet in this new Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain trailer.

Hideo Kojima came to TGS ready to fire on all cylinders, showing off footage from all of his announced unreleased projects. First on the agenda, his bread and butter Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. The trailer shows off series rookie Quiet, who was the catalyst of lots of controversy last year for her skimpy outfit. You’ll see in the trailer that she definitely lives up to her name, and is a woman of not few, but zero words. She also has some type of freaky teleportation or cloaking ability, and appears to be a ghost of some sort. Inb4 the slew of “put some clothes on Quiet” comments come raining in.

Silent Hills does indeed look like P.T.

Were you wondering if P.T. was more of a demo than a playable teaser? Your curiosity was not unwarranted, because the footage that Kojima showed us today pretty much looked like more P.T.-like insanity, brought to you by This game is looking excruciatingly frightening, and makes P.T. look like a comedy bit. This’ll be a fun one to watch people live-stream.

Dragon’s Quest Heroes is PlayStation’s Hyrule Warriors.

Dynasty Warriors fans who aren’t participating in the Hyrule Warriors festivities (or don’t own a Wii U) will be pleased to see the first gameplay footage of Dragon Quest Heroes. The game sticks fairly closely to Nintendo’s Zelda/Dynasty Warriors mashup formula, with players using the game’s main characters to take on waves of opponents. This is all cool and stuff, but what will it cost for us to get a new Dragon Quest Heroes RPG for the PS4? Name your price Sony!


Dark Link coming in Hyrule Warrios DLC.

Speaking of Hyrule Warriors, there’s a free DLC pack coming on October 16 in Europe, and it features playable villains Cia, Volga and Wizzro. No word on when this is coming to North America, but what we will get is four pieces of DLC. A season pass for the game will run you 20 bucks, and will earn you the less than benevolent Dark Link if you indulge. Perhaps Dark Link will add the grittiness hardcore gamers have been craving for on the Wii U.


Humble Bundle raises tens of millions for charity.

On the non-TGS side of things, today we learned from Kotaku that Humble Bundle has raised more than $46 million for charity over the course of its four year existence. That’s approximately 23.7 million bundles sold in which the money has been gathered to sustain the company and donate to good causes. I allowing folks to pay what they want is part of the reason the company has been as successful as it has, and with the increasing amount of awareness and attention the company has garnered, I imagine their initiative will only continue to grow. Cheers, to the great folks at Humble Bundle.

[HT: Kotaku]

That about does it for today’s dose of gaming goodness. Make sure you stay tuned here on Nerdist for all of your breaking video game news, to talk about our beloved medium, or to just chat on Twitter, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play. Now Dance!

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  1. Pomp-Nasty says:

    Marc, you sound like someone I know. You didn’t happen to serve in the Marine Corps, did you?

    Oh, BTW Nerdist, the low resolution, no subtitle having MGS trailer you posted ISN’T EVEN THE FULL TRAILER. You guys should check out some guy’s channel on youtube called YongYea to help fill in the aforementioned blanks.

  2. Marc says:

    It’s so she can make a swim escape later… have you ever tried to swim in clothes…such a pain! Waaaaay more tactical to go into combat semi-nude and distract the bad guys. How many men would react to that rack with a trigger pull or would they stand there staring in disbelief as she shoots them dead? It’s genious. I shall now go into combat in a banana hammock, a helmet, and 782 Gear (that strappy chest rig thing) only! CODENAME: Dongbo!