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Gaming Daily: New MEGA MAN LEGACY COLLECTION Features Detailed

It’s hump day ladies and gents! After a grueling week at San Diego Comic-Con, everything is finally starting to feel normal again. Today wasn’t incredibly busy, seeing as we are still in the middle of the summer drought. We must wait for the “holiday” season to kick off before we can get our grubby little hands on AAA titles like Metal Gear Solid V and Halo 5. So with that, let’s get right into the thick of things. In Today’s Gaming Daily: new information on the Mega Man Legacy Collection , a chit chat with Rare at SDCC, a Justice League easter egg surfaces in Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC, DC Universe Online adds Bombshells into the mix, and Fable Legends’ release date was revealed but then retracted my Microsoft.

Mega Man Legacy Screen

Loads of new features detailed for upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection.

If you thought this digital release by Capcom was already turning out to be a worthy deal for fans, more information about the bundle was revealed today. It was shared that the challenge mode will include over 50 different challenges in the full release. Some will be available straight away, but gaining bronze medals will be required to unlock even more. At this year’s E3, I got to play through a few of these, and they were tough as nails. It should provide pros with plenty of extra run time. The community should have a blast with this.

Along with that will be plenty of art work, included in the  museum for your viewing pleasure and as a form of preservation. In line with that, the flicker/slowdown will be there as if it were a part of the coding. It’s again, part of the preservation process. What was fixed were issues caused by hardware limitations.
Purists will be happy to know that filters will also be included to give you the vintage feel of playing on an old school screen. Different display options will be available so that the experience will be tailored to your liking. Borders will also be an option to accommodate those that don’t want the boring empty sides. They will be themed based on what game you are playing. That’s not all though– a database will be featured in which you can scout your greatest enemies and even challenge them with whichever weapon you’d like for practice. Finally, a music player will include all 6 bumping soundtracks.
I was a bit skeptical when this was announced, but you can’t beat the bundle at $14.99. Collecting them separately will run you $5 each. Not to mention that all of these features sound stellar. I can’t believe I am saying this, but great job celebrating Mega Man’s legacy,


HT: Capcom


A chit chat with Rare at SDCC.

As we previously mentioned, SDCC was a whole lot of fun this year, though exhausting. While we were there, I had the pleasure of attending Rare Studios’ panel in which a few key members of the team gave us some insight on what is to come in the near future for the studio. Rare Replay is a tribute to 30 years of hard work and quality games that should remind fans why they love the company so much. It’s also a reminder for what the team is capable of, even if the studio is full of new faces. I also got to speak with the head of Rare, Craig Duncan, who shared that they aim to make Sea of Thieves worthy of the lineage of titles in their shed. Hopefully their upcoming pirate game reminds everyone of the pedigree brought forth by these guys and gals once before.

HT: Nerdist

More Justice League easter eggs found in Batman: Arkham Knight.

As you may have already heard, Batman: Arkham Knight had the first bit of DLC released for season pass holders yesterday. It’s been garnering some mixed feelings. Most cite it’s short length and lack of pacing as the reason for the displeasure with what was hyped up a bit. What we are interested in today, though, is more Justice League easter eggs. This time the JL reference is included in the aforementioned content. Discovered by Youtube user, Dribbiz, the secret is hidden in some room underground. Once you reach the hard-to-spot room, there’s a giant tube with our one-eyed giant star fish looking friend, which is a reference to Starro, a villain to the League.

These sorts of hidden allusions to the DC superhero team are everywhere in the full game. I, for one, do not believe this is a coincidence or thast Rocksteady is simply showing a plethora of love towards these guys. It could be a hint towards the next series they are looking to conquer.

As for the Batgirl DLC, having played through it myself, I can whole heartedly agree that this addition, though longer than the Harley Quinn and Red Hood packs, lacks that zing mixed into the full title. It’s unfortunate, but at this point it’s a lesson to us all: don’t pay for content when we have no way of gauging its quality. It’s harder to hold the studio accountable if we have already forfeited our money over.

HT: YouTube

DC Universe Online adds Bombshells Harley Quinn & Supergirl.

After garnering a lot of high praise for the Bombshells line of figurines, DC decided to run with the style and include them in variant covers of comics. It was announced today that these ladies will be joining DC Universe Online, as part of “The Bombshell Paradox” episode that will have playable Lengends characters. Bombshells versions of Harley Quinn and Supergril look absolutely brilliant and completely badass. We have the exclusive look at their design so make sure to take it all in.

HT: Nerdist

Fable Legends had it’s release date accidentally revealed and then retracted by Microsoft.

Is this E3 all over again? In what looks like a bit of a slip up noticed by GamesRadar, a date is given for Fable Legends during the Xbox Comic-Con recap video. Keep in mind that no date up until this point has been shared for the title. The date shared as a small infographic states that the game will be releasing on October 13th. Microsoft was quick to retract the date, stating that it is wrong and no news is ready to be shared at the moment other than expect it to be out sometime this year, according to GameInformer.

Why someone would make up a random date is beyond me, but Microsoft is adamant in stating that the game will not be out on that date. They are the one’s publishing the title, so I bet they know a thing or two about it. Though Fable isn’t the best RPG in the world, it will be a nice exclusive that Xbox owners can add to their growing exclusive library.

HT: YouTube

That’s it for today folks. Keep cool in this summer heat, stay near an air conditioner, in a pool, and play some games in the nice comfort of your living space. I shall continue taking down the Gods of Olympus as the enraged Kratos. Seriously, who would dare tick that guy off. Make sure to let us know what your favorite Mega Man game is in the comments section below. Stay frosty.

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