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Gaming Daily: New BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Trailer Is Jam-Packed with Famous Faces

It’s been a big day for the Oculus Rift, indeed. The company behind the futuristic gear announced a partnership with Microsoft that will turn the Xbox One controller into the default input method for the virtual reality headset. But wait, there’s more! They also announced that games will be streamable from the home console to a Windows 10 PC into the headset, creating a simulated living room with a large television playing your game. The future is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. As for the rest of the day, there’s also been  speculation that Vanquish 2 will be the unannounced Platinum game being shown off at E3 next week. Now, to round up the rest of the important news, here is today’s Gaming Daily: a new trailer has celebrities excitedly playing Batman: Arkham Knight, Insomniac Games announced a new Oculus Rift title, and the Playstation 4 is still a hot commodity in the U.S.

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New Batman: Arkham Knight trailer is full of celebrities gushing over the upcoming title.

Don’t worry if you still squeal like a grade school student whenever graced with new Batman: Arkham Knight footage; you’re not alone. A new trailer has dropped today for the upcoming AAA game that features plenty of celebrities being giddy about playing as Batman. The trailer, titled “Classified First Look Video,” has some recognizable faces… such as Neil Patrick Harris, Wiz Khalifa, Blake Anderson, Minka Kelly, Joe Manganiello, Kumail Nanjiani, iJustine, Breckin Meyer, Troy Backer, and of course the dark knight himself, Kevin Conroy.

It’s sort of reminiscent of the scene from The Dark Knight film, when the Joker’s being interrogated by Batman (minus the head bashing, of course). Plenty of gameplay is shown off in the video but nothing particularly new. In other words, it still looks pretty amazing. With its impending release, we should expect the advertisements to ramp up to another level. Not that many people will need much convincing to buy it once it hits retailers. I would even go so far as to say that it will be gliding off store shelves.

Peep the whole trailer above. It’s worth the watch, even if it is just to hear Kevin Conroy say, “I am The Batman.” It’s epic.

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Insomniac Games announced Edge Of Nowhere for the Oculus Rift.

Talk about being a busy bunch. Insomniac Games has announced a new title for the Oculus Rift and it’s called Edge Of Nowhere. The game was supposedly built from the ground up for VR technology and the studio claims to have gained plenty of useful knowledge from working on it. Ted Price, CEO of the team, showed a bit of gameplay that presented a man sprinting through a snow filled land, and escaping the grasp of different fear inducing creatures. It was a short demo that showed some incredible potential.

This is great news for VR advocates, because there are certain things that the Oculus or any other headset must accomplish in order to be successful, and one of them is to have software support like this. That’s only step one though, as the gear must also have plenty of nifty everyday features, be incredibly accessible, and be set at a reasonable price point. With the backing of Facebook and new partnerships with Microsoft, the Oculus is set to at least make a real push of invading the average consumer. I predict the price of entry will be too high though. Having to own or purchase a meaty PC doesn’t help the cause either.

This is why the HoloLens and Morpheus are so intriguing to me. The Playstation 4 is selling like gangbusters, so many people will already own half of what is required to use Morpheus. All that will be required from the consumer is to go out and get the actual head gear. Sony also has the developers to produce quality experiences. My only fear is that they will half heartedly back their product a la the PlayStation Move. The HoloLens, on the other hand, seems to have more real life applications because it’s augmented reality. Its ability to enhance every day life is intriguing.

All will become clearer when these new toys hit stores.

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Playstation 4 is the best selling console for the month of May.

Surprise, surprise, the PlayStation 4 is once again the best selling home console last month in the United States, taking back its number one spot. No one should be astonished anymore, Sony’s box has made a habit of outselling its competitors, even on the Xbox One’s home turf.

What should prove more interesting is the time after E3 and the coming months. How the companies perform at their respective conferences in the upcoming week may sway the general public to purchase one box over another. Microsoft is gearing up to have an incredibly large showing of games so if they knock it out of the park, I expect the sales gap between both current-gen consoles to become much smaller.

The Xbox One has a killer holiday line up so I do expect the numbers to begin to shift. This is Microsoft’s chance to make some noise.

HT: Gamespot 

As another day dwindles, we inch closer and closer to the madness of E3. We can only hope that you choose to embark on this journey with us, as we will be covering the biggest announcements of the event and getting plenty of hands-on time with your most anticipated titles. I hope you enjoy the non-stop reveals that are set for the show, because I know we will. Stay tuned right here on throughout all of E3 and beyond for all your favorite gaming news.

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