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Gaming Daily: Mario and Luigi Demonstrate What’s “New” About the New 3DS

With the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS here and Valentine’s Day tomorrow you’ve probably been pretty busy all day. Luckily for you, we’re here to keep you up to date on all of the gaming news you may have missed out on. In today’s Gaming Daily, Nintendo released a couple of live action New Nintendo 3DS videos, Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis are teaming up to work on a new game, and Bioware wants players to beta test the next Dragon Age: Inquisition patch.

New is good. 

If you’ve yet to run out and purchase a New Nintendo 3DS because you’re still trying to decide whether or not the upgrade is worth it, Nintendo’s launch day advertisements may make things a little clearer (or creepier).

The live-action videos feature a University “Professor” explaining why the system stands out from the 3DS XL you probably already own. Luckily, the researcher had his sidekicks Mario and Luigi around to demonstrate the benefits of the super stable 3D (above) and the C-Stick (below).

Good job Mario, good job.

In addition to the c-stick and the stable 3D, the handheld also features a significantly faster CPU and a built in NFC reader for your handy dandy amiibos. For a more in-depth discussion of the upgrades, check out the interview we did with Nintendo’s Erik Peterson last month.

Eugene Jarvis

 Resogun developer to team up with Eugene Jarvis on new game. 

Seeming like a match made in heaven, Housemarque has just announced that the company will be collaborating with Defender creator Eugene Jarvis on their next project.

“When I saw Resogun I couldn’t believe how these Housemarque guys took Defender to a new level. I wondered… what would happen if we teamed up?” Jarvis continued, “mash up old school arcade with mad voxel tech and crazed nouveau Helsinki gamers… All I know now is that it is going to be explosive.”

According to the blog post, this is Jarvis’ first co-operation with another developer since working with Midway Games on Cruis’n USA back in 1994. Seeing as Resogun is pretty much a modern version of Defender, this announcement couldn’t be more exciting.

As of right now, we know next to nothing about the game but the developer promises to reveal more in the upcoming months.


dragon age inquisition beta

Bioware wants fans to beta test the next patch.

In an attempt to foster better communication between players and developers, Bioware revealed today on their blog that they would be opening up the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 5–which is the biggest patch they’ve ever released– to a select group of PC users.

Those selected for the beta will have access to the Black Emporium which holds powerful artifacts, epic weapons, powerful accessories, new crafting materials and schematics and even something called “The Mirror of Transformation” which allows players to change their voice and facial appearance.

While the patch notes will be available to beta players, the developer has revealed that the patch will be adding an auto-attack key for single player, the option to adjust the size of subtitles, party storage to the Undercroft and even an item tinter that allows players to use crafting materials to change the color of their armor.

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all your latest gaming news, reviews and features.



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