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Gaming Daily: Luigi Death Stare Pumpkins and PlayStation 4 Laptops

It may be the middle of another grueling work week, but look on the bright side: only 16 more days until #Nerdoween! Speaking of brightness and Halloween, today we’ve got your definitive solution for making scary jack-o-lanterns to set at your front door. We’ve also got some news on the kickstarter-funded Hand of Fate, as well as a cool look at a modded PlayStation 4 laptop. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Let Luigi death stare his way into your Halloween decorations.

What’s been one of the creepiest things so far this year? Don’t remember? Well let me refresh your memory:

You got it, ladies and gentlemen. Luigi’s death stare has been haunting the thoughts of many since Mario Kart 8 made its way to store shelves back in May, so it only seems appropriate that he gets his very own Halloween-themed pumpkin. The following printable is your one way ticket to making trick-or-treaters resort to massive amounts of “nope” when approaching your doorstep. Check it:


Making one for yourself is fairly simple! First off, you’ll need the full size printable, which you can find right here. Start off by peeling off the orange rind around the gray section of the printable, while leaving the shell intact. Then, fully cut through the rind in the black section, while leaving the white section completely untouched. And that’s it, easy as pumpkin pie!

Halloween Costumes has quite a few other pop culture-related pumpkin printables that range from the Ghostbusters logo, to Doctor Who‘s TARDIS, to even Nikki Minaj as seen in her “Anaconda” video. You might want to sit your kids down and have a little chat about that last one, just in case they run into any of these while trick-or-treating.

[HT: Polygon,]

Xbook One modder back at it with his new PlayBook 4.

From the same dude who brought us the modded Xbox One laptop, I present to you: the PlayBook 4. Ed Zarick is back at it again, and this time around he’s putting his modding mastery efforts into making a PlayStation 4-themed laptop. For $1,095, you can send your PlayStation 4 to Zarick and he’ll convert it into a nice and pretty laptop. For $1,395, he’ll purchase the PS4 for you and for $50 extra, he’ll include an HDMI out, allowing folks to still connect their console to their televisions.

So I know what you are thinking: this is totally unsafe because not only does it void your PS4’s warranty, but it would also be quite a task to get this thing repaired should it malfunction at any point. Not only that, but for the price of one of these, you could purchase a high-end gaming laptop that’s twice more powerful than a console, or purchase the much more affordable GAEMS products if portability is your main concern. Yeah, there are definitely wiser options out there, but if you have the money to waste, this is still pretty cool.


Hand Of Fate heading to the Xbox One.

During PAX Prime in August, I got my hands on an abstract title that mixed Batman: Arkham-like combat gameplay with tabletop deck building elements. I know, this sounds like a totally weird combination, but the game was surprisingly fun, and another testament to what happens when spirited ideas and excellent Kickstarter projects find proper funding. We learned today that the game is getting an Xbox One version to go along with the already announced PS4 and PC iterations, and a possible Vita version in the future. Way to deliver across the board Defiant Development. If the above piques your interest, you should know that the game’s available right now on Steam Early Access.

[Video via: Joystiq]


TJ Combo, Maya and more are back in Killer Instinct: Season Two.

The new season of Killer Instinct is bringing 8 more fighters to the fold, including series veterans TJ Combo, Cinder, Riptor and Maya. The game will be receiving a plethora of major tweaks to account for the new characters entering the Killer Instinct arena, as well as an slight overhaul to fine tune the game’s core mechanics. You can get your hands on Maya and TJ combo today, with the rest of the roster coming out as the year season progresses, for $14.99. For $39.99, you can grab yourself the Ultra Edition, which will gain you alternate skins, accessories, and a port of the 1996 arcade version of Killer Instinct 2.

That about wraps it for Wednesday’s Gaming Daily. Keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of your latest video game developments, and to chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

Image: Microsoft

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