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Gaming Daily: HOTLINE MIAMI 2 Gets a Bloody Release Date

Another Wednesday has come and gone, but fear not, we have gathered the best news of the day for your consuming pleasure. While the biggest news of the day came in the form of a new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, that’s not all that went down. In today’s Gaming Daily, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number finally gets a bloody release date, OlliOlli 2 kickflips its way onto PS4 and PS Vita, some Japanese love comes to North America with Dragon Quest Heroes releasing on PS4 sometime this year and how much in common does Pokemon:The First Movie and Frozen really have? So without a further adieu, sit back, relax and nerd on.

hotline miami 2 wrong number

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Gets a Release Date 

Devolver Digital and Dennation Games have finally announced the release date for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Expect to go back into the brutally violent world on March 10th on multiple platforms including PC, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

After the original game was such a surprise hit, many have been excited to delve back into this extremely violent world, and now the wait is finally coming to a close with the release being only a couple of weeks away. The developers have stated that this will be the end of the series with the story being finished in this sequel through the eyes of different characters. Pre-orders are already available on Steam, Humble and GOG. There is also a special edition available for a few more bucks and it gets, you a six track soundtrack.

This looks like more of what fans loved- style, sweet gameplay, and of course epic proportions of violence. The soundtrack should add nice background music to any activity you choose to do.

olliolli 2

OlliOlli2 is coming March 3rd to PS4 and PS Vita. 

Speaking of release dates for sequels, Roll7 has released a new video for OlliOlli 2 announcing that you’ll be able to get your hands on this skater March 3rd, for the PS4 and Ps Vita. The slick video shows off the new tricks, new locations, and new split routes. As the skater community might say- it looks pretty rad.

The new additions look to take the series to new heights with its joystick arcade fun. Unfortunately, the multiplayer aspect won’t be included at launch but it will eventually make its way into the title.There haven’t been too many skate-centered games released in recent memory, or at least not any memorable ones. OlliOlli was a sort of aberration but hopefully this will kick flip the genre back into life. 

dragon quest heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes Announced for the West 

If you were worried that you would never see the Muso/Dragon Quest mash up outside of Japan, fear no longer my friends: with Dragon Quest Heroes releasing tomorrow in Japan, Square Enix decided it was as good of a time as ever to announce that the this game will see North America sometime this year as both a retail and digital release exclusively on the PS4.

If 2015 is too vague of a release period, at least you will be able to see how well it is received in Japan- so yeah, theres that. The Legend of Zelda got this mashup treatment last year with Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U, and it was pretty well received. So as crazy as the combo may seem, we know it can work.

pokemon frozen

Reddit User Posts Image Comparing Frozen and Pokemon: The Movie 

Now for the strange- Reddit user, Nintendoreo posted an image comparing both Frozen and Pokemon: The First Movie. We said it was strange but take a second gander and you will notice some similarities. It is not a perfect comparison by any stretch of the imagination but both movies are pretty awesome, so who cares?

frozen pokemon

If anything, the comparison shows us that love truly does solve all our problems, or at least it does in animated films. Darn those tear jerking moments.

That is it for todays Gaming Daily, we’d like to think today was a good day *Ice Cube reference of the day*. Let us know what you thought of the soon to be released titles and how accurate do you think the comparison of Frozen and Pokemon: The Frist Movie is in the comments section below.

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