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Gaming Daily: FALLOUT 4’s Survival Mode Will Be Brutal

There’s never a quiet day in the video game industry. Today, Naughty Dog released a brand new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer that made waves on the internet, but for all the wrong reasons. Plus, the latest episode of The Dan Cave, which features some awesome fan-made Pokémon games, also dropped this morning! Yes, today was a good day (cue Ice Cube). So, let’s get right to it: In today’s Gaming Daily, Fallout 4‘s Survival Mode will be brutal, Naughty Dog admits to using Ubisoft’s art in new Uncharted 4 trailer, Rocket League is getting a physical release, a new Pokémon-themed episode of The Dan Cave is now up for your viewing pleasure, and Nintendo is hosting a Pokémon Direct this Friday.

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Fallout 4‘s Survival Mode will be tougher than you think.

Bethesda doesn’t half-ass anything, so if the company says the Survival Mode is going to be difficult, it’s going to be damn difficult. Reddit user rayQuGR has data-mined the game and found out what the aforementioned mode will include. Though its legitimacy was confirmed by Bethesda, the developer implied that things might change a bit before the content’s official release.

Here’s the full list of what to expect from the new mode:

  • Saving
    • Manual and quicksaving are disabled. To save your game, you’ll need to find a bed and sleep for at least an hour.
  • Combat
    •  Combat is more lethal for everyone. You now deal, but also take, more damage. You can increase the damage you deal even further with “Adrenaline” (see below).
  • Fast Travel
    • Fast Travel is disabled. If you wish to be somewhere, you’ll have to physically travel there.
  • Weighted Ammo
    • Bullets and shells now all have a small amount of weight, which varies by caliber. Heavier items such as fusion cores, rockets, and mini-nukes can really drag you down.
  • Compass
    • Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as enemies will no longer appear on your compass. As well, the distance at which locations of interest will appear has been significantly shortened.
  • Adrenaline
    • Survival automatically grants the Adrenaline perk, which provides a bonus to your damage output. Unlike other perks, the only way to increase your rank of the Adrenaline perk is by getting kills (hostile or otherwise). The higher your Adrenaline rank, the higher the damage bonus. Sleeping for more than an hour, however, will cause your Adrenaline rank to lower. You can check your current Adrenaline rank at any time in the Perks section on the Stat tab in your Pip-Boy.
  • Wellness
    • You’ll find it difficult to survive without taking proper care of yourself. You must stay hydrated, fed, and rested to remain combat-ready. Going for extended periods of time without food, water, or sleep will begin to adversely affect your health, hurting your SPECIAL stats, adding to your Fatigue (see “Fatigue” below), lowering your immunity (see “Sickness” below), and eventually even dealing physical damage to you.
  • Fatigue
    • Fatigue works like radiation but affects your Action Points (AP) rather than your Hit Points (HP). The more Fatigue you’ve built up, the less AP you’ll have for other actions. The amount of Fatigue you’ve accumulated is displayed in red on your AP bar.
  • Sickness
    • A comprised immune system and a few questionable decisions can end up getting you killed. Eating uncooked meat, drinking unpurified water, taking damage from disease-ridden sources, such as ghouls and bugs, or using harmful Chems all put your body at increased risk for various ill effects. When you are afflicted with an illness, a message will appear onscreen. You can view specifics about your current illnesses by navigating to the Status section on your Pip-Boy’s Data tab and pressing [RShoulder] to view your active effects.
  • Antibiotics
    • Antibiotics, which can be crafted at Chem Stations or purchased from doctors, heal the various effects of sickness.
  • Bed Types
    • The type of bed you’re sleeping in determines the length of time you are able to stay asleep. A sleeping bag will save your game and may help save your life when you’re desperate, but it will never allow for a full night’s rest and the benefits that come with it.
  • Crippled Limbs
    • Crippled limbs will no longer auto-heal after combat and will remain crippled until healed by a Stimpak.
  • Carry Weight
    • Exceeding your carry weight reduces your Endurance and Agility stats and periodically damages your legs and health. Think of your back!
  • Companions
    • Companions will no longer automatically get back up if downed during combat and will return home if abandoned without being healed.
  • Enemy and Loot Repopulation
    • Locations you’ve cleared will now repopulate enemies and loot at a significantly slower rate.

Yeah, that sounds brutal. The saving restrictions might be a deal breaker for me, especially because I’m used to constantly saving my progress to reduce the risk of losing my pack items. Weighted ammo is also going to be tough for those pack rats that never trash anything. Not being able to use fast travel is also just mean.

HT: Kotaku

Naughty Dog admits to stealing art from Ubisoft.

Naughty Dog dropped a brand new trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End this morning, and it was actually really dope! It featured a ton of new footage that we haven’t seen before, including a new villain. Unfortunately, one piece of art seemed oddly familiar… and that’s when all hell broke loose. According to the Assassin’s Creed head of content, Azaïzia Aymar, the art in question was actually concept art from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Thankfully, ND admitted to the mistake and then rectified the issue by releasing an updated trailer. You can check out the new one above.



And here are the two images in question, for reference.

HT: Nerdist


Rocket League getting a physical release.

Today, Vice President of Psyonix Jeremy Dunham announced on aKindofFunnyGames stream that Rocket League will be getting a physical release. Though Dunham didn’t mention a date, pricing, or really, any details about what content will be included on the disk, he reassured everyone that more information will be coming soon.

However, Dunham did share just how well the game has done to date. Apparently, the game has made over $70 million dollars and has sold nearly four million copies across all of its current platforms. Honestly, we’re not sure who doesn’t own Rocket League by now, so another release doesn’t make a ton of sense. But hey, we aren’t mad more people will have a chance to experience the game’s rocket-powered madness.

HT: Gameinformer

A new Pokémon-themed episode of The Dan Cave is now up.

In celebration of the original trio of Pokémon RPGs’ 20th anniversary, our very own Dan Casey shares some of the weirdest fan-made Pokémon games on the latest episode of The Dan Cave. I mean, we have to celebrate the fans that took it upon themselves to make mature (or immature) versions of these gems. My personal favorite has to be the Pokémon Hood version, which of course prompted a couple trap jokes from Dan. There aren’t too many games out there that inspire whole generations of young people to get out there and create, and for that, we thank the folks at Game Freak.

HT: Nerdist


Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct coming this Friday.

Nintendo has announced that a Pokémon Direct is coming this Friday, February 26 at 7 a.m. PT, a day before official Pokémon Day. I can’t be the only one who instantly thinks this means that a new Pokémon game is going to be announced, right? Obviously it’s all speculation at this point, but why else would there be a Direct?

The Big N has already made a number of Pokémon 20th anniversary announcements, so it wouldn’t make sense to host one of these streams just to repeat what we already know. According to rumors on the web, we may be getting a possible Pokémon Rainbow version. Another possibility is that they’re planning to discuss Pokkén Tournament, or reveal a WiiU/NX title (crossing our fingers for Pokémon Snap).

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until Friday morning to find out. After that, Red, Blue, and Yellow are all dropping the very next day. It’s a great time to be a pocket monster fan.

In the meantime, you can download the new Pokémon Photo Booth app that’s currently available on iOS. This nifty photo app allows you to add Pokémon filters to new or already existing images. It’s a whole lot of fun.

HT: Nintendo

That’s it for today, folks! Are you guys going to be playing the new Fallout 4 Survival Mode once it finally releases? Do you think it’s too tough? Let us know in the comments below.

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