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Gaming Daily: Elders Handle FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S Like Champs

Alright, we know it’s Friday, and you’re probably still busy gossiping about all of the Mortal Kombat X character reveals from this morning– and rightfully so. But other developments did sprout from today, so before you head off into the weekend, we’ll get you caught up on what you may have missed. In today’s Gaming Daily, Elders can apparently handle Five Nights at Freddy’s better than we can, Sony Japan accidentally lost the list of 20th Anniversary PS4 contest winners, and the second episode of Life is Strange has been slightly delayed.

“Oooh. I think I’ve been gotten.”

While Five Night’s at Freddy’s has already made the rounds at terrifying us young people, the latest edition of TheFineBros series “Elders React” shows that the older generation is made of stronger stuff.

While some got creeped out from time to time, and though there were a few jump scares, most of them ended up laughing immediately afterwards. When asked what they thought of the experience, one of the elders remarked, “You guys thought it was going to be terrifying? Please, that was nothing.”

Also, for those who think this activity may have been dangerous for someone of their age’s health, most of them dismiss it and say we’re worried for nothing. Welp! It looks like it’s time to hand grandma your copy of Alien: Isolation or maybe we can start up P.T. for her!

[HT: TheFineBros]

Sony lost the list of winners. 

Oops! According to recent reports all over the web, Sony in Japan has accidentally erased the list of all 123 winners of the contest that they held to giveaway the super special 20th anniversary edition of the PlayStation 4. If you’re unfamiliar with this iteration of the PS4, check out our unboxing video above.

According to a translation of Sony’s website , the company made the following statement: “Our deepest apologies for the trouble we have caused to those who entered the previous campaign,”

While they didn’t reveal how all of this happened, they are opening up the contest again to Japanese PlayStation buyers. All they’ll have to do to re-enter is re-send all of their information (home address, hardware serial number etc) via forms on the PlayStation website.

[HT: via Kotaku]

Out of Time Concept Art

Episode 2 of Life is Strange has been delayed.

In some pretty unfortunate news, it has been revealed that episode 2 of DONTNOD Entertainments episodic title Life is Strange will be coming later than the projected March 13 launch date. News spread quickly this morning when a Square Enix rep told Destructoid that Out of Time not be hitting the projected date.

Luckily, it was confirmed later on via the Life is Strange Twitter account that we will still be seeing the entry before the end of March. The tweet read, “There have been rumours of Ep2 delay but development is on track and we’re looking to release it before the end of March.”

The team added, “To say thank you for all of your support so far, here is a new piece of concept art (which is the image above) for Episode 2: Out of Time.”

If you aren’t in the know, we gave our impressions of the first episode of the series and are pretty excited for the story to continue, especially considering the mega cliff hanger at the end. Judging by the image, it looks like Max will be saving Chloe again, this time from an oncoming train!

That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for all the latest gaming news, reviews and features.

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  1. rohan says:

    Naw… how about its just a bad, unscary game?  Maybe scary for a 7 year old.

  2. MJB says:

    I think older people who don’t have experience with video games just don’t insert themselves like we do, they aren’t engrossed in it the same way.

    • FilmPsyche says:

      I think you make a great point.  It would be difficult to immerse yourself in something if the mechanics of said thing are foreign.

      They were clearly trying to figure it out and “get it” as they were playing, whereas those who play games regularly can just accept those mechanics without thought. 

    • Paka says:

      Well, that and old people have seen some shit.