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Gaming Daily: Donkey Kong Swings Back Onto Nintendo E-Shop

The Thursday that will go down in Llama history. If you were on social media at all today, you would have noticed the viral live-feed that was trending of the Arizona Police Department chasing down two Llamas. Hilarity ensued and luckily no officer nor Llama were hurt. This much Llama love hasn’t been seen since Carl from The Jimmy Neutron Show graced our television screens. While we don’t have a packing animals on todays news, we do have some monkey business. Just in case you were too busy watching people looking foolish, we’ve got you covered in what you may have missed. In today’s Gaming Daily, the Nintendo E-shop goes Ape for Donkey Kong, more Amiibos are becoming retailer exclusives, and experience the fear of nightfall in the all new Dying Light interactive trailer. Now lets stop monkeying around and get to business.

donkey kong country pic

Donkey Kong Mania hits Nintendo E-shop

After a mysterious disappearance on the Wii E-shop, the Donkey Kong Country trilogy is back and this time on their newest home console, the Wii U. Along with the re-releases of these games virtually, Nintendo is having a “Knock-Out Offer” sale that reveals that purchasing any of the participating Donkey Kong titles from the E-Shop garners you a 30% discount on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the 3DS.

As Nintendo will do, the Country trilogy is not available on the 3DS where it might seem more fitting but, at least Donkey Kong Land 1-3 are now available on both the 3DS and Wii U. Will the trilogy ever see the handheld? That is yet to be seen, Nintendo seems to drop these sorts of things into the E-shop without warning.

It is a bit odd how Ninendo decides which virtual games go on what platform and it becomes sort of a hassle for those that just want the nostalgia goodness on their preferred console. There is also no news on why the Country trilogy disappeared for so long. If you are bananas for the Kong family, now might be the time to get all your Ape love at a discount.

[HT: Game Informer]

Gold Mario Amiibo 02262015

Golden Mario Amiibo Walmart Retailer Exclusive

Nintendo has announced that the previously leaked Golden Mario Amiibo is going to be a retail exclusive to Walmart, launching March 20th alongside Mario Party 10, finally confirming the suspicious rumors.

Let the second hand market rejoice, as for the actual fans and collectors of these little figures, it is a bit of a bummer that finding the ones you want will continually be a problem. So we suggest jumping on this as soon as possible if you want one at a reasonable price.

[HT: Game Informer]

Techland Releases Interactive Dying Light Trailer

Techland is kind of infamous for their well made trailers—insert original Dead Island Trailer—and it looks like they are back at it again. This time releasing an interactive trailer for Dying Light where you can click Z on your keyboard to change the time from day to night in the trailer. This day cycle was one of the biggest features being touted before the release of the game.

Also, if you have played Dying Light, then you know how scary the night truly is. Not only do the weirdos come out at night but also the once slow tripping zombies become fast and furious. This is an interesting way of allowing those that haven’t tried out the game experience the terrifying cycle switch.

Well ladies and gents, that is it for today. Let us know how bananas you are for the Country Trilogy swinging its way back into our lives and whether you will be one of the zombies, erm, people lining up for the Golden Mario Amiibo. Like always stay away from the darkness that is night time and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Peanut Crunch says:

    Nintendo won’t put DKC on 3DS’ VC.  They seem to be of the opinion that console VC games should go on a console and that handheld VC games should go on a handheld.

    Now 3DS’ VC still managed to get NES games, making them inconsistent with their own approach, but that’s why we won’t see DKC there.  We’ll have to wait for a following generation when a unified library is in place before they’ll do that.

    • Chris says:

      The only thing about that is, GBA games are on the Wii U shop and not the 3DS.  Unless you are a part of the ambassador program.  I woulda loved to have seen Golden Sun on the 3DS shop… 

    • Edwin Garcia says:

      Donkey Kong Country was on the Game Boy Color at some point. I think it would be perfect to have on the go.