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Gaming Daily: Check out 11 Minutes of UNCHARTED: THE NATHAN DRAKE COLLECTION Gameplay

Once again we’ve arrived at another work week with either excitement, sadness, or anxiety in our hearts thanks to the weekend’s events (which may or may not have included shouting at the television because our fantasy football players weren’t exactly doing what we expected). Since Mondays in general can be a stressful time for a lot of people, I’ve selected a couple of highlights from today’s gaming news that’ll hopefully lift your spirits. In today’s Gaming Daily, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is looking pretty good on the PS4, Nintendo named Tatsumi Kimishima as the company’s new President, Dark Souls III got an official release date in Japan, Twisted Metal: Black and two other PS2 titles might be coming to the PS4, and the corrupt save bug associated with Quiet has been fixed in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.47.52 PM

The Nathan Drake Collection is looking good on the PS4, free demo on the way.

Though all of the entries Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series were great looking games, the Nathan Drake Collection—which launches on the PS4 on October 7—has taken the already stellar graphics to a whole other level, making it well worth the remaster. During a live stream earlier today, the developer released a whopping 11 minute look at the collection’s gameplay, which you can check out at the top of the page.

The game is looking better than ever, which is a great thing, especially for fans who’re looking to dive into the series for the first time before the launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End next March. The game will come bundled with a PS4 for those who looking to play the title and are planning on making the jump to the PS4.

On top of publishing the video to Sony’s YouTube channel, Naughty Dog revealed during the live stream that the Collection’s free demo would be arriving on September 29. The demo will allow you to play through Uncharted 2‘s Nepal Warzone chapter.

HT: YouTube, PlayStation Blog

Nintendo Kimishima

Nintendo names Tatsumi Kimishima as company’s new President.

For those who haven’t heard yet, Nintendo announced early this morning that Tatsumi Kimishima—former financial officer of The Pokémon Company Inc., President of Nintendo of America and more—will helm the company as its President. This news comes two months after former President Satoru Iwata’s tragic passing. Additionally, the Japanese giant revealed that Genyo Takeda and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto would be adding the role of Technology Fellow and Creative Fellow respectively to their existing duties.

It also came to light during an interview he did with Nikkei (the highlights of which were translated via Twitter by User Dr. Serkan Toto) that he was only elected for 1 year, and that the late President didn’t leave any instructions behind. The company will also be restructured within the next few days, including giving new roles to several Nintendo veterans and merging its Integrated Research & Development Division with the System Development Division into what the new Platform Technology Development Division. Additionally, Animal Crossing’s Katsuya Eguchi, and 3D Mario’s Yoshiaki Koizumi will both serve as Deputy General Manager of the new Entertainment Planning and Development Division.

To learn more about the changes that are on the way, check out our original article and the document Nintendo released earlier today.

HT: Nerdist, Nintendo

Dark Souls III Pre Order

Dark Souls III gets March 24 release date in Japan.

Although we still don’t have a release date for North America or Europe, From Software revealed via press release earlier today that Dark Souls III would be launching in Japan on March 24, 2016. The developer also stated that pre-orders for the retail version of the game would come with the title’s soundtrack and a specially designed map (pictured above).

According to the developer, the game’s worldwide released date will be announced at some point in the future. With both TGS and EGX nearly hear, I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard something soon. Seeing as previous entries in the series came out around the same time across the globe, I’m assuming Dark Souls III will be releasing somewhere near Japan’s March 24 release date.

From what I’ve played of the title so far, the developer has taken elements from the game’s predecessors, as well as Bloodborne, and crafted a complex game Souls fans will love. I can’t wait to hear more.

HT: Gematsu, From Software

PEGI Classification board

Several PS2 classics might be coming to the PS4.

Wait, what? PS2 games on your PS4? Yep, there’s an unconfirmed rumor going around at the moment that Twisted Metal: Black, Dark Chronicle, and Ape Escape 2 are destined for a PS4 release. This bit of news comes courtesy of a listing on the website (pictured above) and the folks at Destructoid who noticed it. We won’t know for sure whether or not this is true until Sony makes some sort of announcement, which is a possibility with the Tokyo Game Show happening this week. Find out more in our full post.

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MGS V Quiet

The MGS V glitch associated with Quiet is now fixed on PS4 and PC.

Hooray! According to reports around the web, the memory corrupting glitch that was plaguing Metal Gear Solid V has finally been eradicated. That means you’ll finally be able to bring Quiet along for the ride on missions 29 or 42.

If you’ve been trekking along in the Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PS3 version, however, it seems you’ll have to wait until Konami patches the version you’re playing. The company revealed via twitter that they are continuing to “look into server issues and are working on solutions for all affected platforms” and that they “hope to implement them soon.”

Hopefully the bug is fixed soon across the board. This Quiet character seems to be making quite a name for herself. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the article our own master of science Kyle Hill crafted about the reason behind her attire (or lack thereof), and the hilarious body-swapping mod that had us laughing all weekend.

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That’s it for today everybody. Keep Nerdist tabbed for upcoming gaming news, reviews, and features!

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