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Gaming Daily: Broken ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IV Pulled From Capcom Pro Tour

What an interesting Thursday it has been. There are plenty rumors floating around about new games and even new accessories with E3 literally just around the corner. It comes as no surprise, especially since every company planning on making a presence at the show is gearing up and prepping like mad people.

We also got a glimpse of the new FIFA title releasing this year that will feature the most talented female soccer players the world has to offer. It’s a great sign, and as a huge fan of the FIFA franchise, I am ecstatic that the female athletes are starting to gain the recognition they deserve. Now I wonder if realistic crooked referees will also make an appearance — I knew I should have garnered more calls going my way.

Now for the rest of the exciting news, here is today’s Gaming Daily: Ultra Street Fighter 4 is broken, a redesigned Xbox One controller might be in the works, and two new Sword Art Online games are on their way. Let’s make our way to the pitch.


Ultra Street Fighter IV is broken

This is a bummer. The recently released Ultra Street Fighter IV on the PS4 is utterly broken. These aren’t small issues either. They are problems with moves, graphics, stuttering, flickering, and even sound. It is a hot mess that no fighting purist will accept. The good news is that Capcom has taken notice and is working to fix all the not-so-minor complications. They have gone as far as pulling the game from their Capcom Pro Tour. Here is the statement the company has delivered:

For those experiencing issues and wondering about a patch, we are aware that you are experiencing problems with the PS4 version of USFIV, which was published and developed by SCEA’s Third Party Production group. SCEA and Capcom are currently looking into the issues that some users may be experiencing and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible. We will continue to provide updates on our progress.

A lot of our more competitive players have wondered how the USFIV version of PS4 will affect them and the tour. To that we’d like to advise that the integrity of the Capcom Pro Tour is a top priority for us and we will continue to work with tournament organizers worldwide to ensure that the highest quality event will be run. Each region will maintain its current hardware standard for the remainder of the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour until otherwise announced. We will keep you updated as to when the PS4 version of USFIV will be integrated into the Pro Tour.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay tuned for future information.

The game is on sale for a reasonable price, at only $24.99 on PSN, and that includes all the DLC plus the whole game running at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second, which is an incredible value for fighting fans. My only problem is that Capcom had to have known about these hiccups. They are significant enough to pull it from their own tour so why even release something utterly broken? It comes off disingenuous. For all the flack Nintendo garners, they seem to be the only company now to truly release polished products. Maybe it is time to once again follow the Big N’s lead on their quality policies. [HT: Capcom]


Redesigned Xbox One controller may be on its way

The newest E3 rumor that’s got the internet buzzing is that a newly redesigned Xbox One controller will be making an appearance this year. Spotted by Eurogamer, Microsoft updated their support page for the normal controller that came in the box except for one glaring change — a 3.5 mm headphone jack was included. Just like the Dualshock 4 for the PS4, it seems like you will soon be able to use any standard headphones you have lying around without the use of a bulky adapter on your Xbox One.

Of course, since it was originally spotted, Microsoft has eradicated the support page and now includes the original 3.5 mm headphone jack-less image. This sounds completely legit, and since it was on the official support page, you can take this rumor to the bank. I suspect we’ll see the new design at E3 along with the rumored 1 Terabyte Xbox One. Now if only Sony would do the same and redesign the Dualshock 4, which is in desperate need of improved battery life and needs to rid itself of the both useless and pointless light bar. One can dream. [HT:]


Two brand-new Sword Art Online games are on their way

Ha! You thought the Playstation Vita was dead, didn’t you? Bandai Namco announced that two new Sword Art Online games will be making their way to the PS4 with the second of the titles also making an appearance on the glorious Sony handheld. The first of the titles will be the digital only SAO Re: Hollow Fragment, which is a re-release of the Vita game released last April. You will be able to move some items from the Vita over to your PS4 version of the game. I got to play the handheld version extensively last year and it wasn’t too hot so don’t get your hopes up.

As for the second game, it will be titled SAO: Lost Song. This one will be released simultaneously on both consoles and will have a physical release as well. Both the games are based on the popular anime about a virtual reality MMO. The anime is fascinating so there are high hopes for Lost Song. [HT: Bandai Namco]

That’s it for today folks. Slowly but surely, news is trickling out and we might get even more surprises in the coming weeks if the larger companies don’t keep their secret reveals on lock-down. Enter your thoughts virtually into the comments section below and let us know what you want out of the new SAO games.

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