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Gaming Daily- Be Mega Man with This Capcom-Made Helmet

Can you believe it, friends? The whirlwind of awesome that is San Diego Comic-Con begins tomorrow. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I guess you can blame all of the wickedly awesome games that have released over the last couple of months for that. Now to bring you the latest and greatest coverage on all the video game goodness happening at this year’s convention! Before we get into all the upcoming excitement, here’s a round-up of the news. Today’s Gaming Daily features a wearable Mega Man helmet from Capcom, a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight A Matter of Family DLC, and a new Dragon Quest game for PlayStation platforms.


Capcom makes wearable Mega Man helmets.

There are very few franchises in existence with the amount of rich history that Mega Man has. Seriously, the blue bomber has provided gamers with countless hours of fun and tight gameplay– which is why so many have been disappointed at the lack of support the franchise has received from Capcom. That may not last much longer though, with the collection releasing fairly soon. Now, Capcom has also announced that those attending SDCC will get a look at a limited quantity Mega Man helmet (pictured above). Unfortunately, they will not be purchasable at the event, but will instead be available online. The helmet comes fully equipped with led lights and is made from high quality ABS plastic. Hardcore fans will want to get their hands on one of these bad boys.

With a game, new collectables, and even a new animated series on its way, it looks like our little friend is on the up and up. Hopefully all of this means is that he will soon have a brand new game. I wonder if the wild success and fan support Mighty No. 9 garnered had anything to do with the reinvigorated push for our blue hero from Capcom.

HT: Capcom

Batgirl & Robin kick some tail in this new Batman: Arkham Knight DLC trailer.

As if I didn’t already love Rocksteady’s latest Batman title enough, today the extremely talented developer released a trailer for the upcoming A Matter of Family DLC, which features Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and Robin doing some serious butt kicking. The short glimpse also gives us a look at Harley Quinn in her classic red and black outfit from the beloved animated series. Since this is a prequel to the trilogy, the Joker also gets some screen time. Season pass holders will get first dibs and will be able to access the content starting July 14th. Everyone else will be able to purchase the additions July 21st. Check out the full trailer above.

HT: Nerdist

Dragon-Quest-Builders- 07082015

Dragon Quest Builders looks like it may be very similar to Minecraft.

Here’s the good news, a new Dragon Quest title is headed to PlayStation systems. The bad news is there is no word on whether there’ll be a western release. At least a new game in the esteemed franchise is being worked on. As of right now, only one screenshot has been revealed, and was posted by Siliconera. Most of the time that wouldn’t mean much– I mean, how much information can you extract from one screen shot– but this one is a bit interesting.

Taking a look at the above picture, you can see that it looks a little like Minecraft. Apparently, the premise sort of sounds like it as well. It will be a “block-building RPG” set in Alefgrad. I am all in if the title somehow hits that perfect “in-between” balance. Minecraft with Dragon Quest RPG elements sounds like the bee’s knees.

That’s it for today folks. Remember to keep checking back for more games coverage straight from Comic-Con. This one will be one for the record books. Will you be purchasing the Mega Man helmets?

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