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Gaming Daily: Battle Toads Hop Into SHOVEL KNIGHT

Nothing like a Wednesday to make the weekend feel like it is ages away. But have no worries, cause we have some gaming news to make the wait a little bit more bearable. Just in case you were too busy reading our HellDivers review where we talk about democracy, or maybe even sneaking a peek at the new action-packed Age of Ultron trailer, we have rounded up the best of the news so that you don’t have to. On today’s Gaming Daily, our favorite fighting frogs that we didn’t know we missed have been dug up and put on display in Shovel Knight, Madden season is back with the release of Madden 15 in EA Access, and Super Mario 64 is beaten in under 7 minutes with no stars. What are you waiting for? Let’s leap right into it.

Battletoads Make an appearance in Shovel Knight release on Xbox One

Just when you thought the Battletoads had croaked, in today’s Xbox GDC Panel, Phil Spencer announced that the toads would make an appearance in Shovel Knight, making the game even retro-er. The short trailer shown above shows the amphibians dropping down from a ship, to meet up with our blue hero.

It was recently announced that Shovel Knight would be digging its way onto the Xbox One so it seems now the indie hit will be making its rounds on current-gen consoles.

This really is a great get for Microsoft since the Shovel Knight on their competitor Sony’s consoles will include the God of War, Kratos. It is also regarded as the best indie to release last year. Now the question is, will Nintendo be getting any character-themed DLC? It would make sense considering that it originally released on their consoles.

There is even better news for fans of the fighting frogs, as Phil Spencer also teased that this isn’t the last that we will see of them. Whether that means a new game is all speculation at this point. What we really want to see though, is the Battletoads go head to head against Kratos in their pixelated forms. Now that would be something.

Madden NFL 15 makes its way onto EA access

EA Access has added a new game to their ever growing catalogue– Madden NFL 15. This service, exclusive to the Xbox One, has offered its subscribers a list of games for either a base price a year or a monthly fee. It has been argued whether or not the service is worth the subscription, but with an increased amount of games available, it is getting harder and harder to argue against it.

This release also gives us a chance to revisit arguably one of the best game commercials ever made featuring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart. Madden NFL 15 may not be the best football simulator, but it is the only one out on the market due to an unfortunate deal with the NFL. It has enough pull to bring in the sports fan that just want to take down their friends on the gridiron without actually having to go outside.

 Mario 64 beaten in 6 minutes, 54 seconds 

The world record for beating Super Mario 64 has recently been set at 6 minutes 54 seconds, beating the previous record by 4 seconds (according to What makes it more impressive is that it was completed without collecting any stars.

You may be wondering, how is this even possible? In reality the speed runner must take advantage of glitches within the game to accomplish this feat. It is still recognized as long as it is part of the original code. What is not accepted however, is the use of “tools” to help complete the run.

Glitched or not, it is incredibly impressive, and just goes to show how classic titles inspire all types of players in different ways.

That’s it for our Wednesday round up. Hope you enjoyed the terrible Toad puns as much as we had coming up with them. Let us know how excited you are for Battle Toads to be included in Shovel Knight, whether you will be playing Madden NFL 15, or even your best speed run times on Mario 64 in the comments below.

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