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Gaming Daily: As Crap-Tons of Video Games Release, G4 Officially Goes Off Air

Face it: this week in gaming is going to do some damage on everyone’s bank account. Dragon Age: Inquisition, LittleBigPlanet 3, Grand Theft Auto V Remastered, Far Cry 4, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U are just several to be named in this week’s avalanche of releases. There are so many games coming out this week, the words of the prolific Kimberly Wilkins have never rang more true:

In today’s Gaming Daily, we’re bidding a final farewell to G4 TV, revisiting some recently released titles that just got updated, and checking out some of the marks for games that are coming in with the rest of the fun-storm of this week. Sit back, take a deep breath, and let’s get a little health up in your life bar with the today’s developments.


Farewell, G4 television!

G4 TV has been “not the same” for a couple of years now, after production of some of its key programming– shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show– was abruptly halted. NBC Universal has finally pulled the plug on the channel altogether, which wasp previously showing reruns of the old G4 programming we use to love. G4 was one of the first video game establishments to hit television and paved the way for a lot of the video game news outlets that you see today.

This bums me out, as I was a fan of the channel back during the earlier Tech TV days. We knew this was inevitable, but it’s definitely a shame to see this all finally set in stone, especially during such a huge week in gaming. This also means that all of those Cheaters, Cops, and Ninja Warriors episodes will have to find somewhere else to run, which I’m sure someone is out there shedding a tear over. Someone…

[HT: NBC Universal]


Destiny receives some much needed fixes.

Bungie may be hard at work getting ready for their big Dark World expansion next month, but that isn’t stopping them from keeping their game nice and functional with plenty of patches and fixes. The latest update, version 1.0.3, brings the long awaited voice option which allows players to chat with in-game team members who are outside of their fireteam. Bungie is also buffing up the frequency of public events, as well as implemented a new rules set for the soon to go live, second iteration of the Iron Banner. For a look at the full list of changes coming in the update, feel free to check them out right here.



Grand Theft Auto V gets rave reviews, again.

There are several people who are quickly tuning out the option of buying Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 or Xbox One, simply because they picked it up last year and see no reason to drop another $60 on essentially the same game. But is it really the same game? I touched on the plethora of awesome additions that were made to sway folks to give the game a second whirl earlier, but for anyone who needs more insight on whether or not the dive is worth taking, here’s a look at some of the critiques from around the web:

US Gamer: 4.5/5
Gamespot: 9/10
Kotaku: Yes
Eurogamer: 10/10

That about wraps it for Monday’s Gaming Daily. Always keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of the juicy video game developments, and to chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.



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  1. Mash says:

    You were ahead of your time by years. Goodbye, G4, you will be missed.

  2. Seventhreign says:

    …. I thought G4 shut down years ago… 

  3. Tj Shields says:

    Why didn’t Nerdist take up the reigns?? I mean there is fandom there and interest, why not bring the G4 Name to Nerdist and Legendary!!?? 

  4. cor2879 says:

    I knew G4 was doomed when DirecTV dropped them a few years back.

    • I remember that and was totally pissed when it happened. Ninja Warrior was the main reason I watched the channel.  NBC has American Ninja Warrior but it’s just not the same.  I hoped that one day DirecTV and G4 would work out a plan to get it back on the air but that’s a dead dream now.

    • Comcast bought G4. That’s why it was no longer on DirecTV.

  5. MJB says:

     Forgot Pokemon ORAS coming out the same day as Smash. Nintendo wins this week.

  6. Mags says:

    Sad Day!!!!!!!!!!  I loved TechTV / G4.  So, all good things DO come to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Booooooo.

  7. Mickey says:

    I miss G4 programming. When are you going to get an AOTS or X-Play reunion together Chris?

  8. Mike Herron says:

    I wish Chris and company could get the rights to AOTS and X-Play and do a daily or weekly webcast… 

  9. RabidNerd says:

    Dude, I stopped watching when it stopped being ZDTV it lost it’s Nerd cred then. 

  10. Greg says:

    Damn, I had no idea G4 was even still airing anything! I figured it was going off the air with the end of AotS and X-Play, so I quit watching.  Man do I miss those days though… After I discovered Attack of the Show I never missed an episode!  I have a few of the podcasts saved still, I’ll have to rewatch them for nostalgia’s sake.

  11. Phil20 says:

    Web soup

  12. Orionsangel says:

    Why is this a big deal? I thought G4 had ended a while ago? It would have been a bigger deal if they were still airing original shows, but they’ve been airing Cops and America Ninja warrior reruns from the last year.

  13. Patrick says:

    I still have the Final episode of Xplay and Attack of the Show on my DVR these shows made me a gamer! LONG LIVE NERD BROADCASTING