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Gaming Daily: Another Ridiculously Tough SUPER MARIO MAKER Stage Gets Uploaded

Fütbol fans rejoice! FIFA 16 is out in stores and that means hours of kicking balls. Olé olé olé! No big deal– it’s only the biggest selling video game franchise in the world, which may come as a shocker to most folks here in the United States who aren’t too fond of soccer. For those who aren’t into FIFA, or any sports games for that matter, we’ve got all of the need-to-know happenings in gaming right here in one place for ya! In today’s Gaming Daily, Super Mario Maker gets another impossible level uploaded, OverWatch adds new characters to the mix, Activision teams up with PlayStation on a limited edition PS4, and more!

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Another painfully difficult Super Mario Maker level gets uploaded.

Hot damn! The maker of possibly the toughest Super Mario level to ever exist, PangaeaPanga, may have bested his previous work, and was actually able to get his newest conquest uploaded for the masses to try. For those of you who are unaware, in order to upload a stage to Super Mario Maker, its creator has to verify that it’s beatable by completing it themselves. So though PangaeaPanga was the mastermind behind this seemingly impossible level, he had to spend nine extra hours just completing it one time. Take a dive into the Pit of Panga by checking out the video above.

So now the race to be the first to complete this juggernaut level is on. PangaeaPanga’s previous stage took over 11,000 attempts before anyone was able to successfully make it all of the way through, and I have a strong urge that this one is going to take just as many tries, if not even more. Call me crazy for saying this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these Mario Maker shenanigans became a competitive scene of some sort. The entertainment value alone would warrant quite an audience.

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat what’s being deemed the “most difficult Super Mario level”? Try your hand at is right now! Course ID: 6059-0000-005E-4FB5

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Batman: Arkham Knight takes us back to Christopher Nolan’s film trilogy

The next batch of Arkham Knight DLC has been announced, and if you’re a fan of Nightwing or Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, there’s plenty here to smile about. Players will be able to plow through the streets of Gotham riding in the Tumbler Batmobile from 2008, advisably while using Christian Bale’s scruffy Batman voice during thug takedown sessions. There’s also a Nightwing story mission available, and it takes place after the events of Arkham Knight. Find out more on this in our full write up!

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OverWatch introduces 2 new characters

The latest additions to the OverWatch roster will have you thinking one thing: Blizzard‘s been watching a whole lot of Mad Max lately. The new combatants, Roadhog and Junkrat, look like they came straight out of the wasteland and into the arena with the rest of the game’s cast. Nevertheless, the duo, who you can view in action in the video above, is bringing in a skill set that is sure to shake things up during competitive play.

Roadhog is the tank of a duo and dons a chain hook ability (and verbal taunt) that will automatically remind you of Mortal Kombat‘s Scorpion. Junkrat is a defensive strategist that can be place concussion minds and steel traps to provide. These two in conjunction will be a force to be reckon with on the front lines of position-intensive modes like Payload. And while this is great, hopefully this means we’ll be receiving word on that OverWatch beta soon. How about it, Blizzard?

Raiden Metal Gear Solid

This may be the best Metal Gear Solid cosplay

Nope, it’s not just someone hiding in a box–it’s one legit ass Metal Gear Solid Cosplay. Japanese Cosplayer Masazi showed up to Tokyo Game Show to drop jaws, and that she did indeed. Her Raiden cosplay looks sharp enough to slice through 10 Metal Gear Ray units. Don’t take my word for it! Check out more pictures in our full write up here on Nerdist!

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Reskinned PS4 themed after Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the way

The boys at PlayStation have been getting all types of cozy with Activision, announcing a Black Ops III skinned PlayStation 4 to coincide with the release of the game in November. Hitting store shelves at the price point of $449 US, the system comes in a sleek orange and black design, and with a 1TB hard drive built in. Treyarch also snuck in a quick announcement of NUK3TOWN– a reimagining of one of the most popular levels in the history of the Black Ops franchise. Finally! I’ve been waiting to prone-shoot with an LMG out of that garage again for years.

PlayStation and Activision announced their partnership on the Call of Duty franchise during Sony’s E3 press briefing, revealing that for the first time in years, Call of Duty add-on content will be surfacing on PlayStation platforms first before landing anywhere else. This is obviously just Activision directing their content where the bigger install base is again, but how can you blame them? Black Ops III is scheduled to hit stores globally on November 6.

HT: PlayStation Blog

Featured Image provided by DeviantArt: Der-Reiko

That about wraps it for Tuesday’s Gaming Daily. Always keep it parked here on Nerdist for all of the juicy video game developments, and to chat about our beloved medium, I’m only one tweet away: @Malik4play.

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