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Gaming Daily: All Titanfall DLC is Free

It is a sad Wednesday indeed, with the delay of Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End, but don’t worry we have plenty of other news to help distract you from the gloomy update revealed earlier today. In today’s Gaming Daily, Titanfall’s DLC is currently FREE, PlayStation Mobile is ending its program, and Atlus revealed that a new title called Lost Dimension will be making it’s way over onto North America and Europe for PS3 and PS Vita. Good Vibes everyone, good vibes.


All Titanfall DLC Free on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC

Sure, Titanfall didn’t revolutionize the shooting genre but it sure was fun to run around in giant mechs, crushing all those that stood in your way. Because of that draw, we’re sure you have been itching to jump back in. Well, today is your lucky day as all of the DLC that you chose to ignore is now free on Xbox Live and PC. That is right, if you log in, you can download the season pass that was originally released and it won’t cost you a dime.

Titanfall proved not have the staying power that so many hoped it would have and this could be for multiple reasons. While it didn’t have many modes or variety on launch, and was an exclusive on Microsoft platforms, the DLC packs were excellent for the title. The downloadable content includes new modes, maps, and all sorts of goodies. Microsoft and EA have done a wonderful job of pushing this title by including it in bundles and even having plenty of sales on Xbox Live that were a great deal (going for as low as $12.50 with all the DLC). In this instance, it looks like patience paid off.

EA has announced that the free DLC is in celebration of the game’s one year anniversary. We bet this won’t be the last Titanfall title we see this generation so let the celebration continue. PREPARE FOR TITANFALL!


PlayStation Mobile Ending its Program

We promise this is the last bit of bad news you’ll get today. Sony has announced that their PlayStation Mobile program, which allowed for smaller games on Androids and PS Vitas, is coming to an end. What is worrisome is that you must go and re-download all of your purchases if you want to keep them. After September 10th of this year, you will no longer be able to.

The actual end of PlayStation Mobile might not be the biggest heart breaker out there but the real troublesome part of this is that at some point you won’t be able to re-download all of your previous purchases. In an age where the industry is trying to push for downloadable content, it is scary to think that one day the games you have spent several hundreds of dollars on will just disappear.

If you are a Vita owner, you are well aware that one of the glaring issues with the handheld is the storage situation that makes most users just juggle around titles on their memory cards, deleting and re-downloading titles as they are needed. With horrific memory card prices for the Vita, it is hard to justify keeping PlayStation Mobile games that are hardly played on the handheld, but if you spent the money do you really want the titles to just completely disappear?

The actual ending of the initiative is not very surprising since the mobile world is dominated by so many other publishers and developers. Playstation Mobile never got a killer app.


Atlas Announces Lost Dimension Will Make Its way to North America and Europe

The mega Japanese publisher Atlus has just announced that their title Lost Dimension will be making its way to North American and European markets. We don’t blame you if you have no idea what this is, it is a bit obscure, but let us introduce you to this new game.

Imagine, anime-style art in a strategy RPG now that is something we have yet to see, oh wait. That may not be something to run home and write about but there is more. After each battle you will be able to talk to your 10 allies and decide which one of them will be erased from existence. Now that is gnarly.

In this game you will be part of a team of physically gifted individuals who have to stop an extraterrestrial being named “The End”. The twist here is that there is a traitor among your group. It is up to you to build bonds with these characters and figure out who is the traitor. Now that sounds exciting. Jokes on all those people saying the Vita is dead.

If this title can produce some tight strategy RPG mechanics with some Dangonronpa-style storytelling, it can be a pretty special title. The PS Vita, though struggling, has found its fan base and these Japanese games are perfect for the library.

That is it for today folks, hopefully you jump online and download all the free goodies. See? It is not all rain and clouds today, so cheer up and game on. Let us know how excited you are for Lost Dimension and what other titles you would like to see on the maybe-not-so-dead PS Vita in the comments section below.

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  1. Brborg says:

    eeeeh, I’d love for there to actually be people playing Titanfall, but I dunno if I want to commit to that download. I bought it in a bundle a few months back and it was a straight up ghost town. 

  2. Orionsangel says:

    I jumped on this like a fat kid eating cake