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Gaming Daily: Activision Teases Official GUITAR HERO Announcement

With our review of Mortal Kombat X being published today, the recent report that Unity support will be coming the New Nintendo 3DS  and pretty much all of the crazy announcements from last week, we know you have had your eyes glued to Nerdist for more updates–especially with E3 a little over two months away. As we’re ramping up for the biggest gaming event of the year, the reveals were in abundance today. In today’s Gaming Daily: Activision hints that an official Guitar Hero announcement will hit tomorrow, The Order: 1886 gets a brand new photo mode, and Destiny’s second expansion titled “House of Wolves” finally gets a release date. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Activision teases Guitar Hero announcement

Are you ready to rock? Though we already knew a new Guitar Hero was on the way, a new video has hit the web today hinting that the series’ publisher, Activision, has plans to officially reveal the game tomorrow. After a five year hiatus, this announcement is pretty exciting for those who miss making music happen with a tiny plastic guitar.

While a return of the series is indeed exciting, let’s not forget why the franchise dipped out of existence. After years of popularity, the music game genre collapsed due to oversaturation, lack of innovation, expensive peripherals and in game purchases.

With Harmonix also working on a brand new Rock Band, it will be interesting to see what the two companies bring to the stage–so to speak. While the video at the top of the post doesn’t show much, it does list April 14, 2015 as a significant date. Whatever it is, keep it locked here on Nerdist tomorrow to find out.

HT: The Verge

The Order: 1886 gets a robust Photo Mode in recent update.

Let’s face it: When The Order: 1886 came out, people were less than thrilled. Though we enjoyed it quite a bit, and even dedicated an entire episode of Nerdist Play to it, Ready At Dawn’s Neo-Victorian third person shooter was in a lot of people’s minds too short– it had too many cutscenes/quick time events and not enough gameplay.

At the end of the day, however, the game was absolutely gorgeous and had fans begging Sony for the addition of a photo mode similar to that already touted by the likes of Infamous: Second Son, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and The Last of Us Remastered. While photo modes are nothing new for the PlayStation 4, Sony revealed in a post on the PlayStation Blog that they wanted to take a different approach with the one for The Order, while at the same time keeping familiar aspects.

As you’ll see in the above video, photo mode is easily entered by tapping the touch pad. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to reposition (and slow down) the camera, alter the color grading, and hide enemies/friendlies for the perfect shot. Also, since the game is rendered in real-tiime, they’ve added the ability to keep the color grading style you just customized. Not your thing? You can always reset the option to see the game the way it was originally intended.

HT: PlayStation Blog

Upcoming Destiny expansion: “House of Wolves” to hit all four platforms May 19th. 

Listen up guardians! After a long wait, Destiny‘s second expansion, titled “House of Wolves,” finally has an official release date. If any of you out there are still playing the game, or need a reason to get back into it, the announcement in the above trailer is sure to excite you.

As for the plot, what we’ve gathered from the expansion’s trailer is that the Awoken have been betrayed by the Fallen after having offered them a home. With the reef in ruins, the Queen is offering the riches of the Awoken realm to guardians in exchange for taking care of the traitors.

Before the game releases, Bungie reported over a month ago that it has plans to release a patch focused on increasing vault space, fixing the raids, tweaking audio, and making changes to matchmaking among other things. Since the dlc is due out next month, we can expect the update within the next couple of weeks.


That’s it for today everybody. Want to find out how the news we just announced develops? Keep Nerdist tabbed for follow up information and new announcements, reviews and features.

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