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Game Over Cycles Creates Amazing BATMAN-Inspired Motorcycle

What’s not to love about Batman? He’s a great character with interesting villains and some of the best superhero stories ever created for film, TV and comics. Plus, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s Joker, Batman has the most “wonderful toys.”

There’s no bigger toy than Batman’s Batmobile, which has been constantly re-envisioned in various media adaptations. Now, Game Over Cycles took the love for Batman to the next level by creating a custom motorcycle that was inspired by the Batmobile featured in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns.

Batmobile Cycle 2

Game Over Cycles builds custom motorcycles and restores vintage cars, and the Batmobile-esque motorcycle was drawing a lot of media attention even before its completion. Several photos of the bike have been posted to Game Over Cycles’ Facebook page, which also had the following message about their newly famous design:

Due to the large number of questions and huge interest in the Batmobile, which we are co-manufacturer of, to satisfy the curiosity of our fans here is some information about this vehicle.

Works on the Batmobile are not yet completed, so for now we can only tell you that for the next bike season the machine will get new wings and completely new suspension, but no one really knows where owner’s imagination will take him with this vehicle.

Batmobile Cycle 3

Batmobile Cycle 4

It’s just a stunning creation to look at, and it really does feel like it belongs to the Batman world envisioned by Tim Burton over 25 years ago. Bat-fans: what’s your take on the new custom Batmobile motorcycle? Does it inspire any urges to suit up in a costume and fight crime? Shine the Bat-Symbol of your thoughts on our comment section below!

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