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GAME OF THRONES/MARIO KART Mash-Up Means You Win or You Crash

Game of Thrones will be back with season seven on July 16. This is known. While my body is more than ready to embrace the drama, plotting, and nefarious deeds (you know they’ll happen), I also know it’s going to be an intense ride as we slide towards the end of the HBO series. So why not take a moment to pause and enjoy Game of Thrones in a sillier light with this Thrones and Mario Kart mash-up?

Forget vying for the Iron Throne. The Game of Karts is all about racing for the Iron Cup. came up with the idea and put together fan art and an infographic with artist Cody Petersen. In this race, there are fewer political machinations and more obstructing opponents with items like wildfire, dragon eggs, or wine (yes, the wine belongs to Tyrion). Look:

Game of Karts
Image Created by

Each driver is placed in a kart suiting their personality and allegiances. Daenerys Targaryen has a dragon (duh), Bran Stark gets a car with a Hodor-shaped front (I hope it plays “Hodor!” when you honk), Varys gets a spider–you get the idea. It’s creative and ridiculous, and I kind of want to play this game right now, please. At the very least, I want Happy Meal style toys depicting these character and karts.

See a handful of character pics in the gallery and check out more individual shots at

If you could choose a Westeros-themed track to add to Mario Kart, what would it be like? Paint me a picture in the comments.

Images: Petersen


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