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“Game of Thrones” Theme: The Violin Cover

Sit back and bask in this effort from Jason Yang, as he acoustically and vibrantly goes to town on the Game of Thrones theme song via the violin:

Head-to-head query now: were you more into this video or the Social Network trailer with the “Creep” cover?

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  1. dinogirl says:

    Game of Thrones. Hands down.

  2. ColinJ says:

    That is un-fucking-believable.

    I got chills. And not douche chills, either. I got AWESOME chills.

  3. ZedPicelli says:

    Talking about trailers (this has nothing to do with covering songs), I just love this Acapella Redub version of INCEPTION trailer. Y’all should take a look:

  4. Anonymous Burrito says:

    Jason Yang’s electric violin work is pretty damn cool. His video view counts should attest to that.
    I’d point people to a particular performance, except I had some involvement with the show’s production … so I guess you’re going to have to watch them all!

  5. Dead Hobo says:

    I feel this is an unfair contrast as while watching “creep” I was sucked in to also watching the trailer aspect of the video. Had this been a video of the choir or a slide show of photos this would have been a more balanced comparison.


    All things said, the violinist has some talent. Being able to pick out the individual parts and scoring the theme across multiple takes to sound like a full orchestra is impressive.

  6. PinkMnM says:

    Game of Thrones cover all the way.

  7. Tom Roberts says:

    Hey, what’s the meaning of the Nerdist Podcast symbol? Also I noticed something wrong with your About page. Buffy Summers is not a real person.

  8. Alex says:

    Both are awesome covers. Though the Game of Thrones cover sounds very similar to the original.

    The cover of Creep was great, when I first heard it. When they did it for the trailer to Social Network? Not so great. It made the movie seem like it was gonna be this terrible, feely, whiny, “woe is my generation” thing.

  9. Mike says:

    I absolutely loved both of them.

  10. Alwin says:

    I hate to say it, as I was a professional violin player, but the “Creep” cover wins for me. It might just be because I haven’t heard the original Game of Thrones theme. Both gave me goosebumps, but “Creep” was beginning to end. I shared Yang’s cover on FB though, so take that!

  11. Sean Lundquist says:

    I feel obligated to note that four of him are, in fact, playing an electric violin. It’s still frakking awesome though.