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GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Dragons Will Be Plane-Sized and More TV News

GAME OF THRONES Season 7 Dragons Will Be Plane-Sized and More TV News

Size does matter when you’re talking about growing dragons on Game of Thrones. Today’s TV-Cap has some information on just how big Daenerys Targaryen’s children will be in season seven of the HBO series, the premiere date for season three of 12 Monkeys, some WonderCon TV panel details, and more.

Growth Spurt. Remember when Daenerys’ dragons were just itty bitty creatures that fit in a cage? No more. They’ve been increasing in size since season one, and it’s not stopping. Season seven director Matt Shakman told Entertainment Weekly just how massive the babies have become for the next season: “The dragons this year are the size of 747s.” Yes, as in the plane. That makes them around 230 feet long with an almost as big wingspan. Given that sort of scale, you can just imagine how three dragons can level huge swathes of ground… or White Walkers. [/Film]

Crossover Ideas. If the Riverdale cast could choose crazy crossovers for the series, who and what worlds would they pick? The cast tells Nerdist in the above special report. [Nerdist]

Brewing Tunes. Coffee shop playlists have become somewhat of a gag in recent years with their relaxing melodies and indie vibes, but what about choosing something different? Kyle MacLachlan decided to provide a “Coffeetime” playlist ahead of the Twin Peaks revival debut on May 21, because as we all know, Agent Dale Cooper is serious about a cup of joe. The choices include the likes of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and other musicians from the ’60s/’70s. Listen here at Nerdist.

More Space Time. Hey, The Expanse fans: the Syfy series has been renewed for season three. The 13-episode third season will arrive in 2018.

Lessons Learned. Series 10 of Doctor Who will be the last one for Steven Moffat. He’s giving up his role as showrunner; Chris Chibnall will take over the role. It’s not an easy position to be in, so when asked Moffat what advice he shared with Chibnall, he said: “The advice I gave him, which I won’t share, was not about how to run Doctor Who but how to have a life while you’re running Doctor Who. The things you must make sure of.” He also added Chibnall’s done the showrunner gig before and doesn’t actually need advice. Get further details right this way. [CBR]

To the ’80s. Ryan Murphy‘s name seems to be all over television these days, and he’s not slowing down. He’s going to work with FX on a new drama titled Pose. The show will be set in 1980s New York City. Get more details at Deadline.




Smell Like Adventure. Are you ready to take your perfume cabinet where no one has gone before? Then the new line of Star Trek fragrances are for you. CBS Consumer Products and Lifestyle Licence have joined together on three scents inspired by James T. Kirk, Uhura, and Spock. And hey, the bottles look like communicators. Yes, please. I like when toiletries look like collectibles. This line will be available in Europe in June [Images: Lifestyle Licence].

Magical Prep. Rupert Grint is most well known for his role in Harry Potter, and his time as Ron Weasley helped prepare him to play Charlie Cavendish-Scott in Snatch. How you ask? Read Sydney’s interview with Grint here at Nerdist.

Two More Chapters. Behold, a new to me term in the world of television: a full season linear binge. That’s what Syfy is calling its method for airing season three of 12 Monkeys. The show will return with its premiere on Friday, May 19. The entire 10-episode season will then unfold on that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Yes, a whole season in three days. I’m actually really into this idea. Also noteworthy: Syfy announced the drama will get a fourth and final season. [Nerdist]

WonderCon Prep. With WonderCon coming up on March 31-April 2, we should go over some television highlights:

  • First of all, get some details on the Voltron: Legendary Defenders panel here–it includes a look at exclusive art panel attendees will receive. Our own Kyle Anderson will be moderating, too.
  • Learn about Nerdist and Geek & Sundry’s panel line-up right this way and pay particular attention to Nerdist TV: Tech the Future, Tech the World. Guests will be announced soon, so keep those eyeballs peeled.
  • Finally, a heads-up on what shows Warner Bros. Television is bringing to the party: Riverdale, Time After Time, Gotham, Lucifer, Teen Titans Go!, and Justice League Action.

A Shuffle. TV Land was going to be the home of the Heathers reboot, but the series is moving to an entirely channel, Paramount Network. Created from Spike TV re-branding, Paramount Network will be home to scripted and unscripted programming and will launch with Heathers and American Woman. Learn more at Variety.

Two Heroes. Today’s recap corner focuses on vastly different heroes. First, go to the past and read Kyle’s latest Batman Reanimated. Then, focus on Netflix to read our recaps of all of Iron Fist so far.

If you could choose any single person in Westeros you’d want to see attacked by Dany’s dragons, who would you choose?

Featured Image: HBO

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