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GAME OF THRONES Season 6 VFX Reel, and More TV Updates

GAME OF THRONES Season 6 VFX Reel, and More TV Updates

As usual, Dany’s dragons had a few standout scenes in the latest season of Game of Thrones. Jump into today’s TV-Cap to watch her children come to life in a season six VFX reel, watch a teaser for American Horror Story, learn about a place The Flash will visit next season, and more.

Watch It Transform. It takes a village to make HBO’s Game of Thrones look the way it does. And by “village,” I mean a ton of FX artists. Rodeo FX made 152 visual effects for season six of the series, including that big ol’ battle over Meereen. See some before and after shots in the above reel. It should go without saying but just in case: There are spoilers if you’re not caught up. [Nerdist]

A Pivotal Part. The Good Place, NBC’s comedy starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson has added Tiya Sircar (Star Wars Rebels) in a “heavily recurring role.” No details are available about her part, but it’s apparently a key one. [Deadline]

Late Justice. Netflix’s Making a Murderer chilled us all in illustrating how the justice system can fail. Brendan Dassey seemed to be forced to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. And now, the United states District Court of the Eastern District of Wisconsin has decided to overturn his conviction. They’ll release him in 90 days unless the state decides to retry him. [Nerdist]

Trying to Make It. FX’s Atlanta’s first full trailer is here, and it shows off a world combining the drama of day-to-day survival and relationships with a little humor. Created by and starring Donald Glover, the show about a rapper trying to go big looks prepared to tackle heavy themes when it debuts on September 6. [Nerdist]

Grodd Is Back. One of the most fun villains in The Flash is Gorilla Grodd. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. And he’ll be back in season three! Series executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed the news at the Television Critics Association. “We’re going to be doing a two-part episode that takes place in Gorilla City,” he said. Gorilla City! I’ll pack my bags now. [Comic Book Resources]

Vote Now. Who would you put in charge of Westeros? HBO is playing with the idea of democracy in Game of Thrones and putting the power in your hands with an election themed promo. Watch all the political ads here at Nerdist and then vote at

To the Mat! Are you ready for WWE’s SummerSlam? The next event begins on August 21. To help pass the time, read Donnie’s list of the best 10 matches in the history of SummerSlam.

The Best Laughs. Jay Pharoah is another member of the Saturday Night Live cast not coming back next season (neither is Taran Killam). To say good-bye, Michael has rounded up the best of Pharoah’s sketches and impressions. You can check them out and brighten your Monday right this way.

One Creepy Sunset. FX’s American Horror Story returns with its sixth season on September 14, and the theme is still a mystery. Apparently that batch of six teasers released in July was mostly misleading with only one truly representing the season ahead. The newest promo, embedded above, isn’t a misdirect as far as we know; it features a super scary sunset shot. What do you think it means? [TVLine]

Digestive Concerns. NBC has a new series starring William Shatner. Better Late Than Never premieres on August 23 and looks to be all sorts of bizarre and amusing. Shatner has a distinct storytelling style. You can see proof in the above promo with Shatner discussing worries about exotic food interfering with digestion. [Nerdist]

A Fine Ending. Cinemax’s Outcast just wrapped season one on Friday, and Michael thought it was an excellent finale. Read his review here at Nerdist.

Are you on board with Atlanta? Did you like the Outcast season one finale? Sound off in the comments.

Featured Image: HBO

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