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GAME OF THRONES Season 3 Gets an Autotune Remix, “Son of Fire”

You are the son of fire. You are more than they could ever be.

Okay, in fairness,when Melisandre said that to Stannis during season three of Game of Thrones, she really, really believed it. It’s not her fault she was so spectacularly wrong. Do you have any idea how hard it is to decipher visions in a flame? It’s not easy!

False prophecy or not, it does sound pretty cool when autotuned, as in this season three song remix titled “Son of Fire” by YouTube user melodysheep. The video sees the Red priestess go all Lady MacBeth on Stannis to get him to fulfill his “destiny,” with some computer-aided vocals.

We also get to see how Margaery Tyrell crooned her way into the Grace’s good graces in this musical look back, as she played Joffrey like a fiddle on the way to their wedding. Oh, and even in song form, Joffrey is the worst. Just the worst.

And that’s it. Nothing else happened in season three or in this video. Yup…nothing else to talk about. That’s it. Just those two things.


………no, I don’t want to even bring it up.

Okay, fine! Fine. We also hear the Young Wolf sing about trying to win the war, not for glory but for justice, like a true Stark. Having to listen to Walder Frey talk about putting the ugly mess between him and Robb into the past will never get easier. Not even in song form.

At the very least, we have a Game of Thrones song we can sing that isn’t “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” or the “Rains of Castemere.”

What season would you want to hear get a musical recap next? Tell us below.

Image: HBO

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