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GAME OF THRONES Pinball Lets You Rule the Seven Kingdoms of the Arcade

When you play the Game of Thrones pinball machine, you win or you die…or you put in some more quarters and try your luck again. Honestly the stakes aren’t as high as a White Walker invasion or a battle for the Iron Throne, but this new game will probably be our favorite at the arcade soon enough.

Made by Stern Pinball and available for purchase in the U.K. from Home Leisure Direct, the goal here is the same as it is in Westeros: rule the Seven Kingdoms, but do it by conquering this beautifully detailed (and very flashy) pinball machine based on the HBO smash hit.


The machine plays the opening credits as a way to lure in customers (I’m exactly the person this will work on / Editor’s Note: uh, me too—AL), and then allows them to pick which house they will play as. Choosing your house isn’t a meaningless gesture either, because you get a different bonus for each. Houses up for play include House Stark, House Baratheon, House Lannister, House Greyjoy, House Tyrell, and House Martell.


Within the game you can also cross another name off the list with an Arya assassination, play with a Blackwater multiball, get a mystery reward from Drogon himself, and even have a sword duel.

And if all of this isn’t cool enough, the game is narrated by The Hound himself, Rory McCann.

One of these gorgeous machines will cost you 5,000 pounds ($7,600 American). So unless you are an actual Lannister, you’ll probably be waiting for these to pop up in an arcade like us.

What would you want to see included in a Game of Thrones pinball machine? Swear it to the old gods and the new in the comments below.

Images: Home Leisure Direct

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