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Understanding the GAME OF THRONES Theory About the Night King’s Plan

Warning: This post contains spoilers and theories for Game of Thrones.

After seven season of gathering his army of the dead, the Night King made it past the Wall and into Westeros in the Game of Thrones season seven finale. Now what? Where is he going? What’s his plan? Is this a literal death march through the Realm, or does he have a greater purpose for wanting to bypass the Wall? One new fan theory thinks he has something far bigger in mind than just killing the living, and it involves heading to one of the most mysterious and important places in the Seven Kingdoms, an important lake in the lore of Westeros’ past. But does this intriguing theory hold water?

We first saw this theory at Mashable, and it comes from Reddit user twerkmileyyy, who thinks the Night King is marching straight towards the Gods Eye, a lake located in the Riverlands. That would be a monumentally significant place for him to go, because at the center of the lake is the Isle of Faces, which is where the First Men and the Children of the Forest signed their peace treaty, known as The Pact, surrounded by weirwood trees. That happened over 10,000 years ago, ending a war between the two races that had lasted 2,000 years. And it predates the first Long Night, when the White Walkers originally marched on Westeros.

The general idea of this theory makes a lot of sense. The Isle of Faces is sacred ground, guarded by a mysterious group known as the Green Men (who may even be the Children of the Forest or their descendants), and it contains secrets that date back to same time period as the creation of the White Walkers by the Children (which we saw on the show). As it also notes, the Children live for millennia just like the White Walkers, and no one knows just how that’s possible for either.

Even if the Night King doesn’t have greensight, it’s not unreasonable to think he knows enough about the Isle of Faces to at least think it contains some secrets worth knowing, which is why he’d be going there. If he does have greensight (and since he could see Bran in the vision, and sense him warging into a raven, it’s definitely possible), he could know exactly what magic is contained there.

But there are some holes in this theory, too. For one, it’s a real stretch to say Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is the closest part of the Wall to the Gods Eye. Without consulting a cartographer it doesn’t appear to be the case, unless the Night King plans on taking a boat there instead of his flying dragon.

Second, the show has almost never mentioned the Gods Eye or the Isle of Faces. According to the great Game of Thrones wikia, Tywin made one passing reference to the location of the Gods Eye in season one, and that’s it. For both places. If the Isle of Faces is going to end up playing a major role in the show’s endgame, it will mean the lake and island will be introduced at the end. (Note: this is not true in the books.)

Finally, this idea about the Children of the Forest having the secret to eternal life, or of being able to truly bring the dead back, doesn’t seem to match up with what we know about the Children. They went to war with the First Men because they were cutting down their weirwood trees, which were more than sacred to them. They not only revered them as their gods, they believed their ancestors’ souls became a part of the tree after they died.

That doesn’t sound like a culture who has unlocked the secret to eternal life.

But the Isle of Faces is so mysterious and so steeped in the lore of Westeros–which keeps proving to be more and more reality than myth–that we shouldn’t dismiss the possibility something important will happen there. Could that be where the Children created the first White Walker? Is that where Bran or someone else might find the secret to defeating the army of the dead?

Could it be where the decisive battle during the first Long Night, the Battle for the Dawn, happened?

The Night King might be heading there, and for reasons even he doesn’t even fully understand yet. What he finds there could prove decisive in the Great War.

What do you think of this theory? Does it float or sink? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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