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GAME OF THRONES New Filming Location, SUPERGIRL Key Art, and More TV News

Will we take any tidbits about Game of Thrones we can get our greedy little hands on? Yes, yes we will. Today’s TV-Cap has some news about a different filming location being used for season seven, key art for season two of Supergirl, an Ash vs Evil Dead featurette, and more.

On the Move. Dany’s boating outing at the end of season six means we’re going to see the Targaryen queen in a different location in Game of Thrones. But is she going to some place we’ve never seen before? Watchers on the Wall say the production is scouting a location for the Dragonpit ruins located in King’s Landing. That likely means Dany is gonna end up in King’s Landing next season, right? Guys! Read Alicia’s thoughts and speculation about the new location here at Nerdist.

A First Look. Jacksonville, Florida has proved to be the perfect place for Ash to hang out and relax and find debauchery. However, it all comes to an end when Elk Grove, Ash’s hometown, calls him and his friends home. The second season of Ash vs Evil Dead will debut on October 10, and you can get a taste of what’s ahead in the above video. [Slashfilm]

Taking Bows. Let’s get some unpleasant news about cancellation out of the way. Freeform has confirmed the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars will be the last; it will wrap up with a two-hour series finale in 2017. Over at NBC, Grimm will end after its sixth season. The final season will kick off on January 6. [Variety]

To the Mats! Netflix’s upcoming wrestling comedy series—yes, they have one of those—has cast its star. Alison Brie will star in G.L.O.W., a show about a struggling actress (played by Brie) that joins a weekly series about the world of women’s wrestling. And yes, G.L.O.W. was a real thing in the mid ’80s; it stands for “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.” [IGN]

This Is the Answer. Recent years have seen an abundance of superhero films in theaters, and John Oliver shared a tiny rant about them on Last Week Tonight. He pitched a different kind of hero to studios: Johnny Strong. Oliver says he created the hero when he was in the fifth grade, and Strong’s qualities and rogues gallery are all impressive. See what I mean by watching the above video. [Nerdist]

Quote This. I have an easy way to make your week better: incorporate quotes from Stranger Things into your conversations and see if anyone notices. Dropping a line from the Netflix series will make you happy, and if a co-worker or friend picks up on it, you have a new person to discuss the show with. Win. Read my suggestions on Stranger Things quotes to use in everyday life.

More Creatures of the Night. The time of the vampire on television won’t be over with the end of The Vampire Diaries. TNT has placed a pilot order for a series based on the novel Let the Right One In. We’ll keep you posted on casting news and further developments. [Nerdist]

A New Hero. The latest DC superhero flying onto The CW in a starring role is Supergirl. The show’s second season will debut on its new network on October 10. [Deadline, Image: The CW]

More Space Adventuring. It’s been a while since the British sci-fi series Red Dwarf was on the air, but an 11th season is nearly here. Series XI will arrive on the UK network Dave (yes, really) on September 22 and run for six brand new episodes. No word on when or if we’re getting the latest and greatest in the United States, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. [Nerdist]

Do you have any theories about the new filming location in Game of Thrones? Head to the comments and share them.

Featured Image: HBO

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