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What GAME OF THRONES’ New Costumes Might Mean for Season 7

What GAME OF THRONES’ New Costumes Might Mean for Season 7

Winter is running a little late this year, since Game of Thrones won’t return to HBO until July. But that hasn’t stopped HBO from offering a few teasers from the penultimate season of the show. And now, we may have finally gotten the first look at several new costumes that will be worn by the fan favorite characters in the seventh season.

All of the images came from two playful HBO promo videos in which characters from all of the network’s shows attempted to recreate the signature HBO original sound.

In this version, Daenerys let her dragons do the speaking for her:

Daenerys Game of Thrones Season 7

The mother of dragons and the rightful heir to the seven kingdoms has apparently adopted a more formal look in Westeros, perhaps as way of making her look the part. She certainly appears regal, even if she isn’t wearing the crown. We also love the way that a dragon was incorporated into the new design.

Tyrion Game of Thrones Season 7

This is a homecoming for Tyrion, who hasn’t been back to Westeros since the end of the fourth season. Here, the Hand of the Queen is dressed for winter and he’s completely left his family’s colors behind him. Remember, as far as the people of Westeros know, Tyrion poisoned King Joffrey Baratheon before murdering his own father. Given how hated the Lannisters are, that may actually make him a hero to some.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones Season 7

The new King of the North is apparently settling in at Winterfell. This isn’t a huge departure from Jon Snow’s season 6 look, but he apparently won’t be alone.

Bran Game of Thrones Season 7

That’s right, Bran is not only warging out right in front of us, he’s also wearing a wolf pelt like all true Starks. This suggests that his reunion with Jon will occur early within the season.

Sansa Game of Thrones Season 7

Of course, Sansa Stark is already in Winterfell with Jon, and she may actually have a stronger claim to the Stark legacy, given what we now know about Jon’s parentage. It still isn’t clear how Sansa will take the fact that Jon has been declared the King in the North, but she is also wearing a wolf pelt and a necklace similar to the one she wore at the Veil. That begs the question of whether Littlefinger has finally gotten to her. Or perhaps Sansa had to make a more formal alliance with to keep the soldiers of the Veil by their side.

Arya Game of Thrones Season 7

Arya also has a new look, but she’s missing the wolf pelt that her siblings are wearing. Perhaps that means she hasn’t yet made her way back to Winterfell, or she’s on a path of vengeance that doesn’t allow her the luxury of checking in with her family. She looks more like a warrior than ever, and Needle is still her weapon of choice.

The Hound Game of Thrones Season 7

The Hound is also sporting a new look in these promos, and Sandor Clegane doesn’t appear to be wearing conventional armor. When we last saw the Hound, the Brotherhood asked him to join their ranks and fight alongside them. But the Hound has always tended to go his own way, and we suspect that he will still be on his own when we catch up to him in the new season.

Tormund Game of Thrones Season 7

Tormund Giantsbane also makes an appearance in the new promo, and it looks like he’s got a prominent new scar on his forehead. Other than that, it’s not a drastic change for Tormund.

Jaime Game of Thrones Season 7

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had a little fun with his promo, by acting as if Jaime was surprised by his own golden hand. He doesn’t appear to have rejoined the Queensguard, and we’re quite interested to see exactly how loyal he is to Cersei once he knows what she did to claim the throne.

Cersei Game of Thrones Season 7

Cersei’s new costume makes her seem even colder and remote than she was before. And while she’s left her family’s colors behind, the Lannister lion is still prominently featured in her design.

Hodor Game of Thrones Season 7

Could it be that Hodor survived the infamous “hold the door!” incident from season 6? Kristian Nairn made an appearance as Hodor in the new HBO promo, and he definitely doesn’t look dead! But we suspect this only means that Hodor will make his return as a wight in the White Walkers’ army of the dead. The show is probably saving that reveal for the season.

Game of Thrones season 7 will premiere on Sunday, July 16.


What do you think about the new costumes from Game of Thrones season 7? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: HBO

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