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GAME OF THRONES Fans Rock Out During Night of 1,000 Khaleesis

We all know there is only one Mother of Dragons, a.k.a. Daenerys Targaryen, but she has a whole lot of fans, and we’re not just talking among the Dothraki and Unsullied. That’s why a few hundred of them came out for Daenerys-a-Thon, a rocking evening full of music and Game of Thrones that will forever be remembered by the maesters as the Night of 1,000 Khaleesis.

Daenerys and the Targaryens, a Game of Thrones-themed punk rock nerd band, celebrated with 527 members of their very own Khalasar back in August for the season seven finale. Almost everyone in attendance dressed up as the Mother of Dragons (though as you’ll see, many of them had their own distinct version of her), possibly in part because they feared they could get “Tarly’ed” if they didn’t.

Are you Man or Woman enough to represent?! #DAENERYSaTHON #NightOfaThousandKhaleesis @nerdnitedenver @emilia.clarke @gameofowns @conofthrones

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The band played a rousing rendition of their song “Dracarys,” which had the biggest silver-haired backing vocals ever.

And you better believe with all those Danys (Danni?) under one roof, Jon Snow showed up.

Oh yeah, we probably should have warned you that after hearing this song you’ll be singing “dracarys, dracarys” for the rest of the year. These guys are the only Game of Thrones-themed nerd band we bend the knee for.

What’s your best title for a new song the band could record? Tell us in the comments below.

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