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GAME OF THRONES’ Melisandre Attends Her First Baby Shower on LATE NIGHT

Game of Thrones superfan Seth Meyers has already proven that guests from the seven kingdoms of Westeros aren’t particularly well suited for modern society. Case in point: there was that time that Meyers invited his crossfit buddy, Jon Snow to a dinner party and the bastard of Winterfell kept bringing the mood down.

Earlier this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the talk show host tried again with his friend from NorthWesteros college, the Red Woman herself, Melisandre! Meyers’ guest Carice van Houten appeared in character at the baby shower for his wife, Alexi Ashe. And as you might expect, Melisandre’s grim tidings didn’t exactly win over the ladies. But it did lead to the hilarious sight of Melisandre “trying” to smile and be nice.

Much like Jon Snow, Melisandre demonstrated that she can’t quite overcome her social failings even when she displayed uncharacteristically vulnerable shades of her persona. But then again, it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who recounts the time that she gave birth to a king-slaying shadow baby assassin as a funny anecdote to share in this intimate setting.

Melisandre also displayed an even more menacing side when she intimidated one of the other party guests into sharing credit for a gift…and when she broke out the flames. We’re pretty sure that the fire powers that Melisandre had in this skit aren’t strictly canon, but they were funny!

What did you think of Seth Meyers’ baby shower sketch? Praise the Lord of Light and share your thoughts below!


HT: Late Night with Seth Meyers

Image Credit: NBC

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