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GAME OF THRONES Inspires a New Miracle of Sound Song About Jon Snow

Game of Thrones has captured the collective imagination of TV viewers in a way that few series have ever done. Even as the show enters its endgame, the audience is getting bigger and bigger. Musician Gavin Dunne, a.k.a. Miracle of Sound, has already composed and performed three songs inspired by Game of Thrones. But one of the most frequent requests of Dunne was for a spotlight on Jon Snow, one of the few remaining characters with a legitimate shot at winning claiming the Iron Throne. Earlier this month, Dunne finally answered that request with a song titled “When the Wolves Cry Out.”

“I’ve wanted to do a song about Jon for years,” Gavin Dunne told Nerdist. “After all, he’s the most requested character for a Miracle Of Sound song ever. But I wanted to wait until his character’s primary coming of age arc had concluded, which in my view happened at the end of season six and beginning of season seven. I wanted to feel confident that my lyrics wouldn’t be compromised by future plot developments.”

He continued, “My previous three Game of Thrones songs were all sonically quite soft, sullen and somewhat gloomy. I wanted Jon’s song to feel a little more lively, heroic and hopeful–hence the rock feel to the guitars & drums. It still had to have the classical, Medieval Westeros vibe, though, so I made sure to include the same hammered dulcimer, and classical string instruments from the other songs too.”


Dunne also explained why he gravitated towards Jon, and how that influenced this song. “I liked the story of Jon owning the things that set him apart and make him ‘inferior’ in certain peoples’ eyes,” he said. “I liked him making it his strength. Tyrion gave him this advice all the way back in season one and he really seemed to have grown into it over the last few years.”

As Dunne told us, he relates in particular to Jon Snow and the challenges he’s faced as a Westerosi outcast-turned-hero. “I was pretty nastily bullied in my schooldays for being geeky and prone to obsessive passion for my hobbies,” he said. “Now, both of those qualities have been channeled into a career in music with fans all over the world. I made it my castle.”

When asked if he has more Game of Thrones songs in mind, Dunne replied, “I certainly want to do more Game of Thrones songs but I am not sure which characters I’ll choose yet. It’s tricky to do in a show with so many great ones!” Of course, he’s already given us a handful of greats, namely “Mother of Flame,” Dunne’s music tribute to Daenerys Targaryen.

If you want to hear Dunne’s other Game of Thrones inspired songs as well as other his original music, check out his regularly updated Miracle of Sound YouTube channel. You can also visit Dunne’s Bandcamp page, which has seven albums of his Miracle of Sound music, a Heavy Metal album, instrumental albums and other recordings.

What did you think about Dunne’s Game of Thrones songs? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: HBO

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