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Will GAME OF THRONES Finally Bring Back Gendry to Save Theon?

Will GAME OF THRONES Finally Bring Back Gendry to Save Theon?

When his uncle Euron attacked, Theon‘s response reeked.

(We promise this article gets better.)

Our new, favorite, crazy ass pirate and his stunning surprise attack resulted in Theon transforming back into the broken shadow of a man Ramsay had made him. With an awkward dive into the sea Reek abandoned his sister and his ship, and now he’s alone, floating somewhere between Dragonstone and Dorne. His allies are dead or in chains, his fleet destroyed, and no one knows he’s out there.


Who could possibly save him now? Who might be nearby to rescue Reek?

How about that guy who’s been on a rowboat for four years?



That’s right, this could finally (finally) be when Game of Thrones brings back that handsome bastard, last seen being freed by Davos from Dragonstone in the season three finale. We bid adieu to Robert Baratheon’s secret son, happy he would be spared from Melisandre’s flames, but unaware that his rowboat excursion would take him out of our lives entirely.

But his absence might be about to end, since he is needed more than ever, and for far more than saving Yara’s useless little brother.


Theon is lost somewhere between Dorne and Dragonstone, where Gendry departed from. We certainly don’t think Gendry is still on a rowboat after all this time, but we think he could be on one of the islands around there.

Knowing the danger he was in–both from the gold cloaks of King’s Landing who were looking for him, as well as Melisandre who wanted to burn him at the stake–he would not have wanted to return to mainland Westeros. So what better place to hide than a random, sparsely populated island where no one would ever think to look for him. Theon needs to get to shore somewhere or be found floating, and it just makes too much sense that the only character that might be around to help him is Gendry.

But we’re not content just seeing Gendry once, we want him back in the fold permanently, and fortunately this all lines up perfectly for that to happen.


Gendry finds Theon, who asks him to bring him back to Dragonstone. Gendry says, “Abso-freaking-lutely not,” since Dragonstone is where Stannis planned on making him a king’s blood sacrifice. But huzzah! Stannis is dead, and the benevolent Mother of Dragons rules there now. Not only will he be safe there, she’ll take him in for aiding her ally.

Gendry, tired of island life, agrees, thinking his rowboat has finally come in, so he brings Theon back to Dragonstone.

Unfortunately, because all the gods hate him, Gendry discovers the red priestess who took him away from the Brotherhood Without Banners so she could kill him just moved back to Dragonstone. But no worries, Melisandre learned her lesson about the folly of human sacrifices, and she doesn’t want to kill him anymore. Not that Daenerys would allow it.


But here’s where it gets real good. Jon Snow is heading to Dragonstone right now, and he’s looking to mine dragonglass to make it into weapons. The White Walkers are marching, and they’re going to quickly need a skilled blacksmith to help forge spears and arrows tipped with dragonglass.

A blacksmith like Gendry.


Boom, just like that Gendry’s interminable rowboat to nowhere suddenly leads to him helping to save all of humanity from the army of the dead. A long lost character triumphantly returns and helps save the day.

It would be the one part of Theon’s dive that doesn’t reek.

(Well we kept our promise until the end.)

What do you think? Is Theon’s time of need the time for Game of Thrones to bring Gendry back? Or are we out to sea with this idea? Set sail in our comments below with your thoughts.

Images: HBO

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